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Mai Shiranui

By logancure
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Remember that all the October and November  artworks will be send to all my Patrons at the beginning of the next month (December 7/2019)

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My dear patrons will get

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♥ NSFW Nude 5+

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♥ All of the previous rewards + Full-Screen Video Process 10+

♥ All of the previous rewards + 50% Gumroad discount in one previous batch (choose by you) 16+

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big ass tits and big ass ass

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man Mai would be so amazing in bed
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Woo-Hoo!!! Mai-Oh-Mai :love::love::love:
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Everyone should just send their Mai work to Sakurai! Not to make him put her in smash, but just to annoy him for fun haha
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She is victorious! And she looks amazing in your style.
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She's become quite popular all of a sudden! 
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Me bouncy!
Someone had to say it.
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Jontron: (fake english accent) "Good morning madam. You are looking full and robust today. You are blossoming like the finest flower in all of Cimmeria. But seriously, your tits are fucking fantastic."
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Very nicely done.  :heart:
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She beautiful!Love
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It wouldn't be hard for them to make a PG or PG13 version of her to enter into Smash Bros without altering any major character designs. :/
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Awesome Mai.

Lately there is ton of Mai artworks everywhere I look, must be some anniversary I'm totally oblivious to. Sweating a little... Giggle 
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Well, what happened is that she wasn't allowed to be in Super Smash Ultimate due to not being age appropriate. Folks disagreed and now we're getting a lot of great Mai artwork.
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There are plenty of occasions  be it in fiction or real life where getting rejected can turn out for the best. Mai Shiranui being turned  down to be included in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate would be one such example wiith a whole lot of artists wanting to capitalize  on this. What i do find worth pointing out is how it is prerty difficult  to tell if Mai is wearing any panties. It is quite obvious on the other hand Mai does not wear a bra underneath her top though. With a playful wink,a raidiant smile, and two finger salute, Mai always know how to light up the room with her presence. The cheery blooosm petals scattering all around in the background along with the umbrella near her feet and being inside of a dojo really give an autehtic Japanese touch and adds such elegance. 

As her first name names dance in English, watching her move around with so little clothing and with a rocking body lime that, she will forever remain a glamarous sight. What an amazing work right here with the sole Shiranui ninja. Great job.
Xavon-Wrentaile's avatar
She's obviously wearing a sling type one piece underneath there. ;)
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
It is very tiny and hard to see.
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You know what I love more than tits and ass? A beautiful smile. And this delivers exactly that
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