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This looks so good! Imo it shouldn't just be in the games but maybe replace Gyarados' design, because it'even better.
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did you think in make a sprite of this gyarados?
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ooh nice colours!!
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I saw this on a different site and I got my hopes up thinking this was real :iconcryforeverplz:

It's still amazing artwork and it looks 100% legitimate. But I really wish it was real lol
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Will there be a speed paint?
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Yes for the alolan tauros too i'm working on it
TheCraigadile's avatar
Okay, thanks for letting me know! Can't wait! I'll keep an eye on YouTube for it?
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Yes before Wednesday i'll do it
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Why is this not a thing
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Wow, amazing <3 Bad ass Psycho Dragon :D
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Amazing as always!
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Fear my psychic power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've been drawing my own Alola forms lately. Would you like to see?
I would love for this to be real! :D
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theres already megas so i doubt it
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