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August 4, 2016
These beautiful icy Pokémon are painted in a wonderful style and a gorgeous palette in Alola Ninetales and Vulpix by logancure.
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Alola Ninetales and Vulpix

Hi  let  me introduce the Beautiful Alola Ninetales and Vulpix see the speedpaint on my youtube channel 

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HMBALLIN23's avatar

this ima equip as my background some day this is sooo art man keep it up

Sailor-Touko667's avatar

I love these two beauties! I refer to Ninetales as the "Alolan Beauty" or "Beauty of Alola", BUT................. I have Ultra Moon, not Sun (meaning I get Midnight Lycanroc and Sandshrew/slash and not Midday [I like it better] and these Alolan beauties).

This would be great pokemon card art. could I use it for that?

today is my mothers birthday would it be okay if I printed this for her birthday card please?. Littletale Pap icon

logancure's avatar

thank you very much ^_^

demihime's avatar

The lighting is so beautiful~! It's warm and magical, and really makes the icy pokemon stand out~!

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FuryQuantmin's avatar
Why was this so hard to find!
vistria's avatar
You add that perfect amount of realism to Pokemon without taking away any of the magic.
zZHoodieZz's avatar
this art is amazing!!!!!
Do you have a site to print these on shirts and posters? This art is amazing
ssjnaomi's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales are my favorite Gen 7 pokemon because they incorporate grace and power so well and you have done a fantastic job showing these traits with the colors and the background. I love everything about this piece!
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FloridanPhotographer's avatar
God... I just have no words to describe the beauty of this piece.
mylesb's avatar
Can I use this for a playmat?
AnimeGirl513's avatar
Incredibly stunning! Now this is what I call art! Such a beautiful piece with colors that dazzle the eye and warm the heart!
MosasaurWorks's avatar
It's really beautiful. I really love this piece.
p0k3w0lf's avatar
This is literally my favourite piece of artqork in the world, i love the shades of purple and blue in the background, and I ADORE ninetales
tinyfeathers's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous <3 the speedpaint that goes with this is one of my favourite videos to watch when I start feeling a little down.
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