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Ada Wong

Remember that all the  February  and January artwork files will be send to all my Patrons via mega link at the beginning of the next month (March 7 /2019)

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My dear patrons will get

♥ High-Res 3+

♥ NSFW Nude only  5+

♥ Used Photoshop brushes 7+

♥ Few NSFW variants 7+

♥ Raw Psd file (no merged layers) 7+

♥ Full-Screen Video Process 10+

Previous Patreon released content can be found here 

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I’m in Loveeeeeeeeeeeee

sentinelah7's avatar
Wow Guy Wink 
¡Muy buen trabajo!
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I thought the model for the RE2 remake of Ada Wong was hot.  Then there was this image...  
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Took a little bit of searching but if anybody is wondering, Ada's gun in this art is a Browning Hi Power Mark 3 with a weirdly short barrel.
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
No wonder why Leon wouldn't let Ada out of his sight.
You made Ada more hotter than she is in the game!
HappyJohnny's avatar
Nice! Love how tight her dress looks and the detailed wrinkles on it.
Why don't we have her as a main lead in a resident evil game sometime? Nod 
terminator888's avatar
Very very beautiful !
Unseeming's avatar
Ada can have my Wong anytime....

I'll show myself out.
KGonzo4-13's avatar
You and me both, buddy. I’d have her in bed in a heartbeat...
t6a9x2e7r3's avatar
So impressive!
So impressive!
Tr4ncer's avatar
Absolument magnifique. ;)
cacarod2007's avatar
Hands down the best Ada Wong art I have ever seen. Only wish the panties were black in color.
logancure's avatar
Thaaaaank youu! i really appreciate your words.
cacarod2007's avatar
You are welcome! This is a golden month for Ada, with amazing art from so many artists like Ayyasap, Neoartcore, Prywinko, Raiko, LiangXing, Didi-Esmeralda, Monorirogue etc but none even close to this one.
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