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Rayne Reference by Logan557 Rayne Reference :iconlogan557:Logan557 9 25 TLT - Oracle Reference by Logan557 TLT - Oracle Reference :iconlogan557:Logan557 7 17 Plymouth by Logan557 Plymouth :iconlogan557:Logan557 7 16
TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Courtyard Survivors (11)
So just like the previous one, this "chapter," was mostly improvised seeing that I'm pretty much out of ideas. The ending here is also a bit rough/half-assed seeing I lost my motivation while planning it :/. BUT! But...the things that I did manage to come up with, actually gave me PLENTY of new ideas for later events in Vexxed. See, you gotta lose a little to gain a little...I think. Yay?
As Dex was leading Vex and the others away from Lotus and Ryser, she called for them one last time.
Lotus- And before you go, I should tell you that I'm having Dex escort you to your pack's territory!
Dex- As if I'm not doing everything already!
Lotus- You can have a break later, we have a lot to sort out right now!
Dex- Awesome...
Cobalt- What? Worried we might harm you?
Dex shot Cobalt an angry look, as it was clear that he has had enough if him. Cobalt in response turned away without another word. As they were walking, Vex took the time they had as an opportunity to catch up with Tel
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Two is Better Then One by Logan557 Two is Better Then One :iconlogan557:Logan557 3 2
TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Outsider Territory (10)
Took much longer to write then I thought it would. Then again, I was also re-writing "A Fresh Start" as I was writing this. Also, I tried to use more dialogue than usual for this chap, but I'm not sure if I like how it turned out.
Vex looked back at Cobalt and then nodded.
Cobalt- No, are you kidding me?
Vex- Look, that didn't sound like Cypress, and we need him to survive, he knows more about the outside world then you and I do, and he's much older then we are. You can stay here if you want, but I'm going to check this out.
Cobalt sighed as Vex once again approached the dens exit. He stuck his head out for a moment and looked around, before he disappeared just as Cypress's had. A few seconds later, a gasp was heard.
Vex popped his head back into the den for a second.
Vex- Cobalt, you need to see this...!
Once again, Vex disappeared. Siku and Cobalt both looked at eachother before the two of them walked out of the den, and what they saw, was unlike anything they had e
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1970 Plymouth Superbird by Logan557 1970 Plymouth Superbird :iconlogan557:Logan557 6 10 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge by Logan557 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge :iconlogan557:Logan557 9 11
Short I - Guardians (Vexxed)
???- Ryser, over here.
Ryser- What?
???- Do you see what I see?
The wolf gestured towards the river infront of them. Ryser took a long look at the river, before turning back to his hunter.
Ryser- No, I don't.
???- Look harder. Across the river, a bit to the right. Below the overhang.
Ryser directed his attention towards the nearby overhang on the other side of the river. He narrowed his eyes.
???- See?
Ryser- Guardians.
???- Exactly.
Ryser- I thought Lotus made herself clear when she told them to keep out of our territory.
???- I thought so too. What should we do?
Ryser- We call a scout team, as we're not prepared to fight.
???- Bad idea, we don't want to alert them.
Ryser- It won't matter anyway. They will try and fight, which is exactly what we need. We don't have to fight them, but I know where we can lead them.
Ryser stepped back and let out a long howl to signal for any nearby scouts that could assist them. Once he finished, he sat, and waited.
???- Ryser, two of the guardians
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Fatigue (9)
Cobalt gasped.
Cypress- Wait.
The group waited for roughly ten seconds, before Siku once again started breathing. He moaned twice, and then pulled himself up with the help of Cobalt.
Siku- Uh, hey...?
Cobalt- Siku, that wasn't funny.
Siku- What wasn't funny?
Cobalt- Don't give us that. You were acting like a psycho.
Vex- (shouting) Telluride, he's fine!
Siku- I didn't-
Cobalt- Just stop.
Siku- Fine.
Cypress- Enough! Something clearly happened that Siku wasn't aware of. Just leave it be Cobalt.
Telluride came back out into the open with the pups, who were struggling to keep up with her.
Telluride- So...?
Vex- He passed out, but again, he seems fine now.
Telluride- Well good.
Siku- Good as in...?
Vex- Good as in your okay.
Cypress- Half of us didn't make it out of the courtyard, and we can't risk losing any more.
Siku- I'm fully aware.
Cypress took a long, hard look at Siku before walking away. He approached the hole he had been digging below the overhang earlier, and continued. Coba
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Do Not be Afraid (8)
Keeva- I don't believe it...
Cypress- Vex! That was incredible!
Cobalt- (staring)
Siku- What?
Keeva- Siku! You were nearly killed back at the courtyard! How do you feel?
Siku- I feel...alive...what courtyard?
Keeva- ...You don't remember?
Cobalt- He has amnesia, perfect.
Cypress- Keeva, it may take him some time to fully recover.
Keeva- It's fine Siku. I'm sure you will remember eventually.
Vex- No, "thanks Vex?"
Keeva- You will get it when you deserve it.
Telluride came into view with the pups as Siku was stretching. At first she didn't notice anything was off, but when she saw Siku standing, and moving, her jaw dropped open.
Telluride- Uh...should I even...?
Cypress- It was Vex.
Telluride- You? How did..?
Vex- You know? I don't really know either.
Cobalt- Then why did you do it?
Siku- Do what?
Keeva- I thought you knew what you were doing...! He might as well say goodbye to his memories!
Cypress- Look, we dont have time for this. Those men are probably out there, right now, looki
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - No Harm to be Done (7)
Vex was unaware of how long they had been walking, though it had definitely been some time. He looked up, and saw the outline of the mountain in the distance, barely lit by the moonlight.
Trying to sleep in the outside world was different to Vex, it didn't feel as safe as Cypress had made it seem. First, he knew that their captors would chase after them, and knowing that less than half of the wolves had gotten out of the courtyard, he knew they wouldn't last long if found. Second, they weren't alone. The wolf they had encountered earlier in the day had proven this, and to their surprise, he appeared to have been injected. Still though, who was this wolf? Where was he from?
The wolf's appearance is what has surprised Vex, seeing that it had the same shade of gray fur that Vex possessed, and instead of a green stripe, the wolf had red markings, and smaller stripes across its back. To top this off, just as Vex, the wolf's eye color was shared with the color of its markings.
Could they
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Outsider (6)
Alright! Good to see I gave myself a few days to try to come up with what to write next, thoughe it didn't help at all, so this chap entered up being really short, pointless, and bad :D. I won't be too hard on myself though seeing I'm working on a fuck ton of school, a huge ass video (not school related), and I recently started to get back into a game I used to play all the time. Anyway, I now have to come up with a schedule so I can screw it up instantly with all of the shit I'm working on.
Vex- Ugh. Telluride, I'm sorry, I need to stop again.
Telluride- Again? This is the fifth time...
Vex- I know, I know. It's just getting harder to walk.
Telluride- It's just you then.
Vex- (sigh) I know.
Cypress- Here, I'll carry him for a while, but we really need to keep moving before-
As if on que, one of the nearby bushes moved.
Cypress- -Before that happens.
Cypress set down Blizzard and approached the bush while growling. Before he could pull it back though, a voice was heard.
???- Woah.
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Brave New World (5)
Re-submitting.I felt that what I had submitted earlier was very incomplete, so I fixed a few things, and added some shit, and now it's better...ish.
Siku- Alright, are you ready?
Keeva- Yeah, go on, I'll catch up in a few minutes.
Siku- Your sure?
Keeva- Yeah, very sure.
Siku- Alright then. I'll see you there.
Siku met up with Cobalt about half way, and when they arrived five minutes later, Cypress and Sierra were standing on top of a flat rock in front of the tree. Infront of them, was almost the entire courtyard. Compared to yesterday, most of the wolves didn't look as excited as they did before. Most of them looked worried, and scared. A few even had their tails tucked between their legs, and Siku didnt blame them. This was the only life everyone here had ever known, and Cypress was going to try to take that away.
Vex was leaning up against the tree, which was slowly rotting away, and just as Cypress had said, it was definitely going to take some time. Though Ve
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - Follow (4)
I will admit this was slightly rushed and poorly told. (I ran out of ideas, so I just kind of went for it -.-) (And because of this, I couldn't think of a title for the chap).
Cypress, Sierra, and Vex stood on top of a large boulder in the middle of the courtyard. Almost every wolf that lived there sat at the base, all yelling at Cypress as if it was his fault.
Sierra- Quiet! All of you! Don't you see this is a sign?
Siku- What sign? I just watched a man execute my father in front of me! He said all of the others are dead!
Sierra- They're dead because they trusted humans! We were right! And if we were right about humans, then we're also right about the outside world!
Cobalt- And how do you expect to get us there exactly?
Both Cypress and Sierra looked at Vex.
Vex- Me? Oh, No, no no no no. You can't expect me to get us out of here, brother.
Cypress- We can though.
Cobalt- How? What's he going to do?
Keeva- I haven't seen anything good come from him in a long time. I'm sorry, but I'm
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TLT - Vexxed (Prequel) - The Blood Theory (3)
Note: This section of TLT is scheduled to be updated!!
It had been two weeks since Vex had learned about his ability to weaken others. Most of the wolves that originally hated Vex for spending time with Cypress and trying to spread his lie of the outside world no longer appeared to hate him. Instead, they kind of avoided him. They would back up, and let Vex do whatever he wanted to do without their resistance. It was clear that the group that had initially witnessed what Vex had done had spread the news, as nearly every wolf in the courtyard wouldn't dare make eye contact with him. The only thing off about this is the fact that the witnesses had seemingly disappeared. The only wolves that Vex could think of that were part of the crowd were Sierra, Cypress, and Cobalt, the others were just...gone. This included Amber and Lyle, who Vex hadn't seen since they were taken into the human structure. Several times though the lights on the outside lit up, and what sounded like an ala
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Happy Independence Day to y'all! :flagus:
This is the first time since joining the site where I've seen something other than that knife in the grass as my icon. It's strange.
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Got passed by a Stinger GT today on the highway. Never thought I'd say that a Kia looked as sharp as that thing did.

ANYWAY, as I mentioned in Rayne's ref, I'm providing news regarding Rayne's status; and as of yesterday, Rayne was replaced in TLT, officially making him my fursona. :dummy:

Atm I've still got a few changes I'd like to make to his design (such as slightly brighter coloring, changes to markings, and I'd like to give him an accessory, etc), but for the time being anyone who'd like to is welcome to draw him ^^. I'll have a short bio thingy written up for him sometime soon, and after I've finished that, I might even get around to posting a few other things I've been working on, including the finished version of plymouth (depending if the layers saved. Still recovering from the hard reset lol). Oh and speaking of writing, I've finished drafting two, maybe three quarters of the second half of TLT. Won't be much longer till I finish and start posting it again ;D

Welp, kind of a short journal, but I'm pretty sure I covered everything. Till next time y'all.


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Hello! Glad to see you're stopping by :D

You can call me Logan or LG (either will work). I'm an amateur writer, photographer and collector from somewhere in the US who spends too much of their freetime obsessing over cars and classic rock, playing video games, over-using "XD," and sitting outside at night for hours instead of doing anything productive lmao.

What you'll find here may vary; meaning my submissions can range anywhere from photography to a digital drawing (on rare occasions), but for the most part you can expect to see both drafts and/or drawings that cycle around my wolf related story entitled "The Lotus Territory," or drafts for a collaborative comic I'm writing for called "The Isle." And while my style of writing may be a bit odd and unorganized, I try to at least keep the stories interesting :D

I have a few other projects as well, but I'm saving them for another time.

Oh, and you can view my Instagram page here:


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