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Basic IR Post Process

i got alot of people asking me about how IR is done, so i've just whipped up something and hope this gives u all a better understanding on how i've done it, this is just the post process, never the less the actual principals and techniques of taking a photograph still need to be there.

pls give me feed back if u think this is helpful\unhelpful. or ways to improve it as i dont want to be giving misleading information.

here is the [link] to the original
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Nice Tutorial but I'm confused as well. I have a Fuji HS20EXR with a Hoya R72 filter. Everything is purple/magenta colored on the LCD and when I take a picture. I didn't set the white balance as I didn't know this was a necessary step. Is this the reason all my pictures are purple and I can't do anything with them?
How exactly do you select the hot spot for further processing?
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Hi jdwphoto,
I dont think I have done something like that before. But i suppose you can mask it using various techniques to isolate it. This tutorial was based on CS2, I think with the new CS5 there are many improvements that makes the processing easier.
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fantastic - your tuto is a perfect start for me :-) thank you!
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what ir filter that you used?? hoya 72?
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I have a Canon DSLR and my photos are coming out red, which I read was normal, but according to you it's not. I think your starting photo looks much more like an IR photo, so what do you think could be wrong? I know WB plays a big part, but I've played around with it already and every image is still that dark red color.
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Sounds like a WB issue. Can u pls show me an image?
Also try a 30s exposure.
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This is the first tutorial I looked at. Figure 5, the red photo, is what I'm getting. Now, I could have a misunderstanding, but it seems to me that it's saying the red photo is what you should be getting and to get it to look nice you have to play around with it.
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depending on what filter u are using, u will get different effects. i am using a hoya r72, which doesnt give such a red cast, but like the 1st picture in the tutorial i have.
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I have a, according to the print on the ring of the filter, Kobo IR(72) Filter. And you're basically saying all I have is a dark red color filter? That's what I think. I did the WB grass trick you suggested. I played with exposure and color balance, and nothing's changed.
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ok, what is the model of the camera u are using? and what lens? and what software to convert the RAW file to Jpeg. Try shooting it directly in Jpeg. I have encountered problems with the software before where it doesnt register the WB properly.

Newer camereas cannot do IR as well as the older models due to the newer sensors.
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Canon Rebel XTi with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. I'm not shooting in RAW with this, so that's ruled out, but RAW or not, I use Paint Shop Pro X to process all my photos.
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I had the same problem while processing the RAW with photoshop the other time though. You may have to try a longer exposure, maybe 30s to 1 min, according to a rough guide here [link]
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oh, and i really dont get the whole measuring thing of bw. how do i 'measure' it? Just set it on pre and then take a picture?
thanks ;)
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1. screw filter on
2. aim camera at a green patch of grass under sunlight
3. take a custom white balance
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After I'm done with my infrared images, it's all red, and then i have to post process it, what am I doing wrong?
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it shouldnt be that red.
it should resemble the 1st image
i'm not to familar with other platforms, other than nikon, and only the older generation of cameras can do it. eg the d50, d70, d70s, d80, d200
canon needs longer exposures eg. 30s
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And what exposure do you do with nikon?
and i still don't really get what you mean by 'taking custom white balance' Just aiming it and that's it?
Sorry, I'm slow :P
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all DSLRs and most point and shoot cameras can get a custom white balance. maybe this website can help u understand more [link]

because our cameras do not have a preset for infra-red. we got to set it manually, by taking reference from an image.

if u need more help, i'm sure ur camera manual will have instructions on setting a custom white balance.

perhaps if u can show some of ur pictures with the exif (shooting data) it may be easier to troubleshoot.
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Thanks for this guide!
I've tried almost anything and my pics keep turning red, just bought a IR-filter for my nikon d40x (which is supposed to work).
Now I just hope it will be sunny tomorrow :)
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its the white balance issue, u got to custom set it first.
shoot in jpeg for starters as the raw causes alot of problems.
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Will definitely be using this after I shoot IR (for the first time :excited:) tomorrow!
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