Icy Marrow

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September 20, 2021
Icy Marrow by Loftydreams101
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Literature Text

Raindrops coast on the coldest breeze

When there’s nothing more to say

And the silence wrings out

All the air from your lungs


When the torch is passed

From the frost-bitten night

Pushed forward from the tempest

To a calmer day’s embrace


Raindrops paint the pavement

In even darker shades of grey,

Their tears chill the marrow

But the warmth before is forever

This is for my Uncle Carter who passed away last Thursday. Maybe I need to find a better way to express my grief. I’m not so sure if this properly conveys how I feel.  Also, I apologize for rarely responding to the comments I receive. Your feedback is always deeply appreciated. 
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so captivating it is! i am in love with this.

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Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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This is just, beautifully done. It gives me goosebumps to read, and I most certainly Can relate! :heart:

Grief is something I just can't do - until years after the fact - and even then,.. it's difficult for me. So I admire so much when others have such a great gift 'in' the moment, as you have shown here.

Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

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Losing two of my uncles as a close friend of mine has been difficult. I'm not sure if I've fully processed their deaths. These things take time I guess. Thank you for reading and the kind words. It is much appreciated

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"...but the warmth before is forever" ...that's my favorite line. It reminds me that many periods of grief over the loss of family and friends alike is preceded by times together with them in life - the memories that both comfort and honor those who died. Thanks for that. Congratulations on your feature with a DD. I'm glad you got it so I could read this. :love:

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Thank you so much for reading. I was not expecting to be featured at all!

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Surprises are nice, aren't they? :hug:

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This is brilliant. I just lost my mother back in July, and weirdly enough so did two of my friends. The grief is still very fresh for all three of us, so your poem is almost too relatable. But, I would have to say you said it very well.

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Thank you. I hope this poem offered some form of comfort for you. I lost two uncles this year and a friend of mine died just last week. It’s all very overwhelming.

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