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The Beginning
I'll join all the orher emoticonists and show my emoticon creations in this year.
My frined Lucy101 forced me to create a dA account more than two years ago (Apr 22, 2007).
The first deviation was The Bonehand 14 :+fav:
The Bonehand by Locou
September 23, 2007


January to March

After some other digitally drawn pictures and a long inactivity I started to create some emoticons for my forums (2009). For inspiration I've browsed trought the emoticon list here at dA and decided to upload one of my creations.
It was wild tongue 1 :+fav:
wild tongue by Locou
April 10, 2009
I haven't created the base by myself and the animation wasn't that good, too. Secretly I hate this emoticon, but I'll keep it in my gallery to seee how I've started with emoticons.

After ten days I've created one with my own base.
Chomp Chomp 5 :+fav:
Chomp Chomp by Locou

This one is my first, which was featured by Synfull in So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 29

A second version of Chomp Chomp was released. 4 :+fav:
Chomp Chomp v2 by Locou
May 2
I've got the emoticon flu and released many emoticons.
:D by Locou Oh my GOD GOD GOD GOD by Locou Thrust by Locou
Thrust was the first entry for a project hosted by ManiacalMuffin
[Project link]
And I the most important thing was my style, eyes, which were bigger than usual.
I still love :D by Locou. With this emote I connect the most memories with. It concerns me.
This is my most loved emote of all time, and I'm sure I'll still love it in the future.

The emoticon flu continues and I've created tons of emoticons:
Really Sad by Locou Woooo by Locou Kitty by Locou Partyhat by Locou Wahaha by Locou Anger by Locou Yellow Wolf v2 by Locou Zombie Chomp by Locou I'm Hiding by Locou Eating my Fists mmmmmmm by Locou You CAN'T eat that hand. by Locou crawl by Locou That Face by Locou :C by Locou Be Sorry by Locou
My first OC, Rez, a zombie.
I've also created my first stamps:
lazy-muffen stamp by Locou Support Locou by Locou

New shading of Rez:
The new Rez? by Locou

:stoneglomp: by Locou :depressive: by Locou TFT Whore by Locou More Eyes by Locou
Project entries, ahoi!
0,45 Cent Stamp by Locou Rez Card by Locou jar dead by Locou Spider Rez by Locou Squashed by Locou

Real Zombie by Locou Evil Blink by Locou Melancholy by Locou

In this month I came up with a project. The Zombie Walk.
ZombieWalk - Emoticon Project by Locou
My first project and the deviation with the most favorits, comments, and views!
It is also my first DD!

And I've also created a new shading and stopped to create Rez.
Blu front shading by Locou Rainbow Rotate by Locou Wite by Locou Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah by Locou LoveWithABrokenHeart by Locou

I've joined dAPixelCrew
Boxman by Locou CloudFighter by Locou

Yelo Diver Transperent by Locou Puzzle Piece by Locou I'm on a BOAT by Locou

Where is my BRAAAIIN by Locou

No emoticons, but stamps.
I love CSS3 text-shadow by Locou I forgot 115 Kangaskhan by Locou I never forget 115 Kangaskhan by Locou My DS is Limegreen by Locou

To be continued

© 2009 - 2021 Locou
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This is the first time (and last) to say - never get well! Keep the emoticon flu forever cause it's pretty cool ^_^
Awesome work :D
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nice! That sums things up pretty well :)
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thank you :)
This journal was my longest one. I've never wrote so much. x_X
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xD yeah, it is a lot of writing!
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
You have an originial style and I hope to see more emoticonist like you :)
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Thank you very much. :)
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So many awesome emotes! :nod:
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Thank you very much :nod:
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Das gibt einen schönen Überblick! Du hast dich echt gebessert! :hug:

EMOTES FTW!!!!!!:w00t:
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Lucy101's avatar
ich hab dich gezwungen :lol:
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i just luv it !!!
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