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November 6, 2011
Really Sad by *Locou
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Suggested by 4EverYoungKid
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Really Sad

This emote is really sad. He don't know why, but he can't stop crying. :(
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CiTVNostalgia1998's avatar

This was me, watching my last fish die.

TechnoPonyWardrobeDA's avatar
Poor little guy. :'(
*gives him a balloon and ice cream*
TheKindArtist's avatar
D'aww makes me want to reach into my screen and hug the poor little fella. :(
vanndra's avatar
JordanMcFighter's avatar
I just want to hug it and give it hot chocolate until it's better
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
Congrats for the DD Clap 
TychoootjeOfficial's avatar
Me when friends on DA deactivate (not really like I'm litteraly crying, but it's just sad ya know?)
MyPlace2Hide's avatar
Ma b he needs Tight Hug 
ABtheButterfly's avatar
this emote is adorable 
one of my new faves. 
spartan1319's avatar
awwwww Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon  :sad: 
I demand him to be excited happy :shuffelin: Happy Hop Heart Love 
CatGal15's avatar
This emoticon is perfect. I found it awhile ago and I still love it.
Valy-Loves-A7X's avatar
Thats how i looked today after they took blood out of me and when they call me emo fag *sob*
ARSugarPie's avatar
Don't worry little emote. We all feel this way sometimes :(
sonicbobomb15's avatar
Some people feel that way all of the time. By the way I love your comment signature, I want the cookie 
ARSugarPie's avatar
Yeah, I wish I could hug them but *sigh*, alas they're all over the world and I can only contact them over the internet.
Thanks. :meow:
Can you handle the cookie?
sonicbobomb15's avatar
NO I cannot but I will it eat. You know Keebler cookies?… Yeah those are made in Battle Creek Michigan (Well the headquarters) Which is the city I have lived in until I was 14 
ARSugarPie's avatar
OOOH yeah those are soo good! 
and cool!
sonicbobomb15's avatar
I know they are, but since Battle Creek makes those cookies :iconalchemistgirl: is calling me an elf. And I lived in that city for 14 years. I am dead serious though, look at the back of the package and it will say that it's made in Battle Creek. I still don't get why there's a R on the factory that looks like that team rocket painted 
ARSugarPie's avatar
hahahhaha, well if I ever get a box, I'll check :meow:
sonicbobomb15's avatar
I looked and back and I said "Wow Battle Creek is known for something, I am surprised they're known for anything else other than drug dealing." 
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If ever there was a .gif I wish I could hug, it would be this one.
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