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Not exactly Tantive corridor

Brave RFTs (Rebel Fleet Troopers) defend the Tantive IV corridor Los Angeles Convention center's connection corridor in Star Wars Celebration IV (I'm the one in front left), May 2007

We tried to stop stormies trying to pass along that corridor, of course.

Note that some RFTs had a grey helmet - there is some debate if the "salad bowl" was plain white or dove gray, so Rebel Legion permitted both shades.

This particular photo doesn't came from William 'Obey Wann' Blackburn [link] but from an unknown photographer that was there during the photoset - I'll gladly add attribution, if possible.

More photos of the same set in the Obey Wann Blackburn's set [link] and more RFTs and rebels at :iconrebellegion:
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Great shot! I need to put together an RFT...
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Join the blues, it's all fun, as I already said elsewhere. :iconrebellegion: waits you.

And get back here for more, I secured some more photo of this set from the original photographer, William 'Obey Wann' Blackburn.
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The white vs. gray helmet feud had some new insights [link]
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questa foto mette l'ansia!
chi arriva chi arriva???
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cit.: Star whores di CarlettoFX dei Gemboy - ;P
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cacchio quella fa paura davvero!
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Hei, sono arrivate le altre foto della serie! [link]
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hahaha! great job!
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Just having fun :D

There is the complete series somewhere on the web, up to the stormies getting over (we have no Vader around to have him walt through the coridor for the final shot, unfortunately)
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No I have the whole series, from the author. [link]
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