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Trying very hard to deal with anger issues. or explosive side of me.
It stems from disappointing and frustrations.
lack of patience even,
Been amazing for a month. feeling on cloud 9. been trying hard not revert to old customs.
trying to keep it going as long as i can. to see the world with new eyes.
So far so good.
The future really is in ones hands. the world around comes down to your perception of it.
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a year later

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HAHA i just realized i wrote about a year ago.
anyway nothing new. been kinda of happy and at peace lately . trying to maintain it.
i wished i could go back in time and tell myself 2 years ago "what the hell was i thinking"!!!! i must have been on some nutty spell.
Life is soo much better and more fun than all that crap and drama.

So here i am a dreamer about to step up and rise ever higher than i ever have been. I been promised wonder and amazing experience and well lots and lots of money. I am so looking forward to that.

Work: i became partners. have no idea what exactly it means but def persuades me to stick around and experience it.
I so need to travel again. hoping to go camping in the mountains for a week. if no one ever hears from em i got eaten by a bear.
will love to go to cancun, mexico. i think that  will be an amazing trip. i have to make it happen.
any this journal is turning more into a to do list.
I am wondering how much i am living sometimes. maybe i get lost in myself and ignore the world around me. Probably something that i need to work out but maybe is the right thing to do. Maybe , just maybe not being like others and existing in their mindset is the only way to rise above it all. who knows. fun thoughts.

anyway been starting a new comic book. i call it the space interns. i am developing mostly for myself and my interns at NJIT
I am trying to keep it going as best i can , and hopefully don't lose interested in it. there have been way too many projects that ended up in the shelves and unfinished because of such changes in interest,
anyway here i go on to develop it further as well as myself.

for those who read this far and are wondering what the hell am i talking about or how unstructured this journal is, keep in mind i am mostly writing it for myself and i dotn think anyone else is gonna read it haha.
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I wonder what the next month will bring. everything seem to be fitting into place. its all hopeful.
I guess as i see myself going through this road or small adventured i still don't know the overall destination but i know i will get there with experiences to forever guide me to what i am supposed to become.
"sometimes the universe knows better what will make you happy in the end."

I don't usually write journals but i think i like to check back on this and reflect what i was going through in life. Kinda has become more personal than dictating projects i am currently working on.

So as long as people do what they say they are going to do and all my expenses are paid for ill be rocking this summer and enjoying what life has to bring. And for anyone wondering about the arts. well Hell yeah ill make time to drop and art or two along the way.

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damn alot has happened lately. don't now where to begin. life has been crazy at time i don't even think is real . yet i am still alive and moving on. don't mean to sound self centered but seriously Alot of craziness has gone down. I have surprised myself at how strong i really am. most people would have given up by now. now Before you wonder what the hell i am talking about. i am really not going to put it in a journal for everyone to speak. is personal. maybe if u ask ill tell you.
Anyway since a whole new year is approaching. 2012 and all that , i guess i should aim at certain things i want to achieve. maybe i will look back at this journal and compare notes at the end of the next year. that's if we are all still here. chances are we will just too push crap going around about the 2012 being the end of the world and such i felt i needed to mentioned it. anyway 2012 i could stat with just being way more happy and easier life. seriously things will have to become very easy to achieve. not that i want to be lazy mind you, its just that damn after the last year i really need an easy going life. so yeah that's the overall general idea for 2012.

Second thing for 2012 would be moving to DALLAS , Texas , why not? i do have a home there and friends that like me. might as well start a brand new life there. life seems easier there too. Being in New York just seems so stressful and expensive. Dallas is just what i need..

third. well after the last girlfriend i had for the last couple of years. and boy she did do a number on me. I want someone 10 times better then her. someone who actually deserves me and wont quit on me if things get hard. i know there are probably millions of people around the world. mostly guys who also want this but i believe i really needed. someone who actually knows what she wants out of life and fights for it all the way. Also none of the baggage and little girl attitudes.

Well and Th , i want to be very successful. don't know if ill keep my current job with my plans of moving but i want to either find a way better one( meaning it pays more) or be so well off i don't have to worry about money. maybe ill win the lottery? who knows. just don't ever want to worry about having to pay bills or worry about money anymore. like ever again!!!

will also like to be liked by everyone. want to be surrounded by hundredths of people all willing to take a bullet for me, I don't mean to want to be a dictator or the next big emperor, just want alot of friends i can trust.  Real friends are very hard to find and ones that you actually trust are even harder so yeah.

So my new years resolution is actually
move on to Dallas. start a new life with wealth, a real female partner and be happy with tons of friends..
now who do i have to send this to? Santa Claus? god or a web genie to make this wish come true?.
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