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By locohead
HAHA i just realized i wrote about a year ago.
anyway nothing new. been kinda of happy and at peace lately . trying to maintain it.
i wished i could go back in time and tell myself 2 years ago "what the hell was i thinking"!!!! i must have been on some nutty spell.
Life is soo much better and more fun than all that crap and drama.

So here i am a dreamer about to step up and rise ever higher than i ever have been. I been promised wonder and amazing experience and well lots and lots of money. I am so looking forward to that.

Work: i became partners. have no idea what exactly it means but def persuades me to stick around and experience it.
I so need to travel again. hoping to go camping in the mountains for a week. if no one ever hears from em i got eaten by a bear.
will love to go to cancun, mexico. i think that  will be an amazing trip. i have to make it happen.
any this journal is turning more into a to do list.
I am wondering how much i am living sometimes. maybe i get lost in myself and ignore the world around me. Probably something that i need to work out but maybe is the right thing to do. Maybe , just maybe not being like others and existing in their mindset is the only way to rise above it all. who knows. fun thoughts.

anyway been starting a new comic book. i call it the space interns. i am developing mostly for myself and my interns at NJIT
I am trying to keep it going as best i can , and hopefully don't lose interested in it. there have been way too many projects that ended up in the shelves and unfinished because of such changes in interest,
anyway here i go on to develop it further as well as myself.

for those who read this far and are wondering what the hell am i talking about or how unstructured this journal is, keep in mind i am mostly writing it for myself and i dotn think anyone else is gonna read it haha.
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