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Wanksta Pack

This is for *jademacalla's contest. [link] I'm a dooooooooood.

I totally look like a cross between my brother Hank and Bud Bundy. Creepy, ja?
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May I ask: what are the rules for using this?
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Hey, thanks for the wonderful guy ... you find him here:… :) (Smile) 
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Actually you make a damned awesome dude. XD You pull it off better than I would. ._. 
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I used your stock for a photomanipulation here - [link]
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lol...epic....i so want to chop an image containing one of your poses...tks for sharing!
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These are great! :D
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Used your stock here: [link]
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Lol, you're going to hurt yourself holding a gun like you did in that last picture. Not good for you wrist at all.:XD:
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Hello! I've used your stock here [link] , if you don't mind!
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The expressions in this make me giggle :D

excellent job pulling this one off XD
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Hi! Amazing work xDDD
I used some in my pic) [link]
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where your breast are?
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This is Funtastic! :worship:
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O_o I almost think taht you were a man!!!
XDD lie, your hips are to big for a man.
But you did a great job with the make up XP
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"you play with my paper, you gon' meet my beretta" (the M9, or 92 that is in the picture)
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hahahahah amazing!!! slightly odd seeing you as a guy but hilarious all the same :)
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Your boobs! Where did they go? :XD: I love these.
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clearly this person should not be holding a gun lol
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That's hilarious! Thanks for doing these and sharing!
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