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Theme Pack 1 preview- Tarot

Here's a preview of a very unusual pack coming up. You'll see.


"I'm on ur tarot cardz messin up ur future!"
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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I love this pic. Such a nice looking cat.
Bronislava's avatar
Wanderful picture!
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Is that any breed of cat in particular? I have one that looks exactly like that, right down to the markings and facial expression and I've been wondering since I found him.
Furgur's avatar
very nice picture..:D
Menestria's avatar
The cat is so cute !!! X3
floydshayvious's avatar
This is such a nice picture. :)
Thief-Of-Navarre's avatar
Expect some gypsy themed mysticism from DA I think ^^, Might be time to update your journal entries!
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What a pretty kitty!!!
lockstock's avatar
I'm a bit biased, but I have to agree! :heart:
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awww,cute kitty...mine bit a hole in my old tarot deck so now her mouth isn't allowed anywhere near my good deck lol
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Ooo! You have a geode necklace! I do, too! :D I used to buy a new one every year, at the Garden Show, but all but one broke... :(
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Yup, I've had that for ages. I got it in Virginia, I think.
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It's beauteous! :D
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Did you know that cats are attracted to Tarot/Oracle cards when people have them out for use? A cat will usually sit near the person using the cards waiting for their next assignment or job into the Other Side. Cats are half in and half out and it's natural for them to play around with or sit and wait for the readings.
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Well, she was sitting there because I held her on the table until she stopped trying to jump down. LOL. Petting and babytalk helped.
Cats are attracted to anything you're focusing on. My cats will sprawl across any books or newspapers I'm trying to read, even if the reading materials are not in a particualrly good position for sprawling on. Computer keyboards are fair game too, although they have figured out that I'll toss them to the floor pretty quickly if they get on it. :D
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My mother's cats do that all. the. time. "Why are you paying attention to that book when you could be paying attention to ME?!" *sprawl*
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LOL, they're such brats! I was doing a crossword puzzle and had the book raised up against my bent knees and one of the kittens stood up and draped herself over the entire page. That's determination!
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