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Silhouette Game

Here's a real challenge for those of you who think you are a connoisseur of deviant stock nudes. Can you tell who these models are, based on their silhouettes alone? (One of these is not a nude-- the backbender with the hoop).

A little less challenging: can you tell which one is me?

More challenging: find the original stock image for each of these models.

Answers are here: [link]
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Thanka for your work and sharing
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only took your "nude 74" too guess you are #20 :P

you are very beautiful ! :heart:

me'S a newbie in dA. didn't know there were stock nudes... gota check that! :giggle:
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Did we ever get the answers?
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Oh yeeeaaaaahhh.... heh. Here you go: [link]
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1. fatgirlstock
2. mjranum-stock
3. chamberstock
4. Gracies-Stock
5. AdharaBatul
6. mondkalbstock
8. ImagersStock
11. ArmindaIrene
14. SStocker
15. shelldevil
16. (I know I've seen this one, but I can't figure
17. Eli-Exposed-Stock
20. lockstock
21. Rachastock
22. miss-kreant-stock
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Wow, you know your stock!
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11 is ArmindaIrene
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Number 20 is my guess.
I'm betting 5 or 21 is you.
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14 by hazard,it's so hard for me!!!!
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You've got to be number 20. It's so familiar to me.
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no. 18 is this picture XP [link]
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I recognized you. :D
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I don't watch any "nude" stock, so I'm a total fail on this one. :XD: :shrug:
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I know No. 11!
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I think your numbers 12 and 20 :)
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2 3 and 14 could be you too :heart:
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I think no 20 is you :heart:
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number 20 is YOU!!! [link]
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