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Newton and Her Mommy pack 1

Okay, to be honest, these are mostly for my own benefit and are not the best as far as size and clarity, but I think some of you might have fun working with these.
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Thx4stock by MeloCardio
I used it here:
Harmony by MeloCardio  
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I used this lovely stock here as a reference: link
Thank you very much and I hope you like it! :dummy:
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these are cute
esp when you're puckuring and it's like biting ur lip or trying to kiss back lol.
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I love these!
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Hi, I love your stock pics with your bird :) I used these for a painting: [link]
May do more like it..
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Second photo on the top-left just rocks! :#1: :aww:
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Hello. :wave: Your wonderful work has been featured in this news article: From Stock to Art #31. :rose: :heart:
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What a cute baby bird! I love all these pictures!
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I used your stock here ^^ : [link]
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OMG that bird is so cute! What is it?
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Little grackle!
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Aw! I love-ed grackles! And starlings... and just about every other bird out there.... [link]

I'm a goober....
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Awe that birdy is so cute. :)
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Hi, I used your stock in my painting here: [link] I hope you like it! I think you're a really beautiful person for taking care of animals like you do. :hug:
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I used your stock here: [link]
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shes turning into such a pretty birdy!
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Awww! They photos are so sweet - she's grown so much!
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beautiful! It's so big now!! :omg: the last pics you uploaded they where almost nude still, and look at all the feathers now!

Still got no clue as to what kind it is?
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She's a little grackle chick! Well, fledgeling now. She can hop and climb around. She can even climb up my jeans if they're baggy enough. :lol:
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Oooh cool :D :love: ..

I searched google to find adult species.. I couldn't recognize it from danish species, so I think we don't have it here :)
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Aaawwwwwwwwww!!!! :hug: You're such a great mommy!
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What a little sweetheart!! She looks very happy and comfortable :heart:
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