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Magical Lace Brushes

6 brushes of lacy lovliness. If you like them, I will make more.

HOW TO USE THEM: Open the brushes. Open your brush palette. Click on "Shape Dynamics" and set
Size Jitter - 0%
Minimum diameter - whatever you like but I recommend that you don't make it taper too small.
Angle jitter - 0% Control: Direction That way the lace can curve around shapes and make lovely rosettes if you like.
Roundness jitter - 0%

Disable "Scatter" if it is checked.

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I used your lovely lace brush here. [link]
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I used your brush here ( [link]) singularly as a border. Works great either way - thank you!
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These brushes are just awesome, they were so helpful to me! I used them here - [link]
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Thank you so much for the brushes :D :hug:

I used them here: [link]
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Can I use these in Paint Shop Pro 6? I can't afford to buy new software :-) And the same question for all the brushes you have. I'll download them once I know I can use them.

Thank You
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I have no idea if they will work with PSP but you are welcome to try!
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A very nice suprize, keep up the good work in all areas!!!
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:-( They don't work with Elements (which is the only form of PS I have) OR PSP 6 or 9, unfortunately.
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You can actually make your own and it is SO EASY! Each brush is just a bunch of letters in swirly fonts (or jagged fonts) stuck together to make a pretty shape. You have to experiment a bit to get them looking good, but then once you've got the basic shape, (black letters against a white background) you just "select color range" and opt for all the black parts, then click "Define Brush" from your Edit menu. The brush will appear in whatever brush set you are currently using, so you will need to either make a new set for them or go ahead and add it to another set (or your default brushes.) Be sure to click "Save Brushes" or it will be lost when you close Photoshop.
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Hmmm. Sounds like an entertaining way to spend one of my "unfocused creativity" nights where I need to create and can't focus on the big projects. :D I think I'll give that a try.
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These are GORGEOUS!
I'm still trying to figure them out, but if I manage to use them, I'll send you the link!
*runs off the plaster a page with experimental lace, trying to figure it all out*
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Let me know if you need any assistance!
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Sweet can never have to many lace
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Lovely lovely :D
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Sweet! They look like fun stuff. :worship: :hug:
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Darling, please tell me what the hell ou're talking about "Open your brush palette. Click on "Shape Dynamics" and set " - - - HUH????
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Sending you an enail with instructions.
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That's groovie :) Think I'll lose an hour or three playin' with this :p
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