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Gemini zip pack 2

Have fun!
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I used your stock.
Here: Hour Mymy-Oras Mymy [link]
Thank you!
ladyjudina's avatar
I used your stock.
Here: The loneliness_A magany 6 [link]
Thank you!
lubnArt's avatar
hi, you have some really great stock- i cant find your stock rules though? :) i wanted to ask what they are :) thanks
me encanta! tienes un toque ... renacentista.... me gusta!
kosdal2's avatar
is that you in the pic?you are so beautiful!nice pics too
zaradei's avatar
Thank you so much!!
oxcereal86's avatar
used you as pose reference.
I'll probably continue to do so.
Studying my craft. Very grateful.

bazibaz3's avatar
Wonderful stock. I admire all the work you do. Thanks.
Have great Christmas.
kakapunkcool's avatar
funny, as well
i really like your photos, you don't have a skeleton body like all models, you're the kind of classical/greek body, that looks so well when painted, or pencilled, etc.

congrats for your work and keep it up!
p.s.: thanks for the amazing work, its rare to see someone with passion and courage to show the body to other artists.
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you are just so lovely :love: great idea for a stock series too!

I've been so antisocial lately - I apologize for that - new haircut?? :heart:
lockstock's avatar
Yuppers! Tim cut it for me.
SieTalon's avatar
Yeeeea honey, its nice to see you posting stuff again :D! I hope it wasn't too hot when you did the shots :)
Trisste-stocks's avatar
Great to see something new from you again :giggle:
You look cute in that haircut :aww:
ersi's avatar
This series is wonderful!
Caetis's avatar
Lockstock is back, and in the flesh, with a pretty new haircut.
It's so good to see you doing stock again!
FoxDesigns's avatar
I preferred the long hair! :D
lockstock's avatar
Ja, ja, for stock I agree. But for everyday (I usually don't brush it out straight) shorter is cuter. Hey, I am at least coloring it back red again. :nod: LOL!
FoxDesigns's avatar
Elandria's avatar
Short hair! Love the new stock!
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