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1920s Pack

I really love the flapper style of dress, especially the shoes and hats. This is a bit more Theda Bara than Louise Brooks, but I will certainly be doing some more versions (I have two more hats to model, after all! LOL) I know 20's and 30's style isn't popular here as far as photomanips and drawings, but maybe someone would just like to practice antiquing photos.

To get the pics, click DOWNLOAD and save to your compy. Then use Winzip or summach to unzip the files.

Oh yeah, flower brushes from ~rl-stock At least, I'm pretty sure that's where they came from....
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we dont deserve you! thank you. <3
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Thank you for the use of your inspirational resources.
I used this here: "Naughty or Nice"
Naughty or Nice by amethystmoonsong
Be Blessed. Be Well. Be Happy. :iconbeauroseplz:
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It's a shame 20s and Art Deco art isn't more popular on here, because it's my very favourite theme to work with, though I rarely upload anything because it's so hard to find decent flapper stock. This is brilliant, you really look like one of the silent film actresses, not just wearing a cheap dress and bad makeup like most. I'll definitely be using this in very short order! :love:
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I've been looking for exactly this. :)
deliciosa y encantadora!
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Lovely set! :D
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I love 1920 stuff. beautiful stuff
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This is one of my FAVOURITE time periods. Thank you. :)
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these are great! top quality stuff!
used here: [link]
- used it here
my gosh you beautiful xxxxxxxx
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These are very nice! I've downloaded them, and I will definitely let you know when I use them. Thanks for posting these!
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Oh these are so awesome!!! Gorgeousness!!
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Eeeeeeeeeee LOOK AT THAT MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!! :excited: these are GORGEOUS luv. Truly. Dee is gonna LOVE the lips ;) they're PERFECT!
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definately will use. old photos and the 20s, 30s and even earlier are a huge inspirations

Thanks for such a wonderful resource.
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you captured the era very nicely
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your stock has been featured here [link] hope thats ok :)
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I really love the styles of that period and think it would be really fun to do some manips with stock like this....great idea, and wonderful stocks as usual!
can't wait to see the others you do in this style! :heart:
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This makes me love you.
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Awesome I love 20's style.
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Fantastic hat! Love it! I'd like to see more 20's and 30's stock.
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this is love <3 so so so much love! xD
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