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божесно *^^*
WolfeTrax's avatar
She's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Also, very cute facial expression. :)
Warriors77495's avatar
Is this Lauren Fauct!
Warriors77495's avatar
oh. It's still good though! :D
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Awesome job on the covers. They look a bit wrinkled from the density of the lines and the hard edges, but they still look really nice, and the warm lighting is pretty convincing.
ThreewonToo's avatar
Я люблю как ты сделал свет приходя через окно, прекрасно дело!
medlimakar's avatar
Is it wrong that I have strong compulsion to mercilessly fondle her ears. 
"wait when did I get half way through this trashy romance novel?"
ArrJaySketch's avatar
Cute! Love that expression! And her ears are so FLUFFY! <3
Siarnaq21's avatar
I love the expression.

"Wait a second.  I just remembered I can't read."
White-Pencil's avatar
Really pretty and inspiring, I love her expression and how it makes you think - maybe she's ill and was bored so took a book, started reading and suddenly went all into it? Maybe she did it the night before and stayed up for the whole night? Was the book that interesting?
I really love the colors and the light too. Very good job :)
TheSleepyDrizzle's avatar
Чтение всю ночь напролет... а приход утра осознаешь, когда свет от фонарика вдруг оказывается не нужным)
Krazylec's avatar
Reading in bed? This mare knows what's good.
Robothood's avatar
Looks kind of like Lauren Faust, except with no horn.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Perfect face. Will use for great justice.
Rainjay-xx's avatar
This seemslikemy kind of morning :3 Such a gorgeous paette you used. I dunno why but I love the look of the blanket!
233757's avatar
какая прелесть Meow :3 
mortalshinobi's avatar
cute. loving her face here
ezpups's avatar
Love the textures! Really pretty <3
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