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an illustration of a fanfic (it should not be cutie mark at the moment)
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Even with the story this is set in not being correct in Cadance's past, this is still cool. And no, no amount  of fan theories will ever be better than whatever the writters say.

Have you read the Crystal Heart Spell? Makes much more sense than this story. For me anyway.
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wow awesome!!!
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:wow: Wow! Suddenly amazing! :D
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Derpibooru informs me this fanfic art is from one "Lady Prismia and the Princess-Goddess", set in the fanfic series Cadance of Cloudsdale, written by a certain Skywriter.  An exquisite piece to have featured on there.
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Yes, this illustration to this fanfic. I can even say that it even on the printed in one book.
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Snakey wakey...
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OH great picture here! Love the poses and facial expressions. The lighting effects also help create a better illusion of realism and dynamics. I can't help but say though what that snake may or may not be thinking-- "Sssssswiggity sssssswooty, I'm coming for that booty!"
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Awesome illustration. Makes me wonder what is going on.
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Reminds me of a movie scene :o so epic!
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I see where that snake's staring! 

The perv...

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Cadance is so cute here!
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Yep, She's dead.
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Wow this is crazy good! Love the lighting, good work!
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Well THAT escalated quickly!
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Yikes! That's quite a powerful scene, and an amazing job of bringing it to full life. The poor victim looks wonderful even as she's suddenly scared by the evil serpent. As for the beast itself, I love how he seems to morph and coalesce out of the air and is hard to "ping down" visually, especially for her. Fantastic work on the styling for this malevolent creature. Also, lovely job on the couch and the curtains, etc. It's such a cozy place and that makes the attack so much less expected.
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Where's that fan fic?
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Yup!  And the specific scene is in sub-story 2 in the series:…
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Hope that snake doesn't bite her.
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