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Starlight Glimmer

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Hello! I’m sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering, do you do requests? If not, that’s fine, thanks for your time! <3
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Absolutely perfect!
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she looks so cute omfccc
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elle ressemble a Tina Final fantasy 6
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Sorry for the inconvenience, but I wanted to ask if I could make a base of this drawing because a friend of mine asked? If not, I understand and thanks for the attention ^^
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Sorry, but you can not.
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Okay, I'll tell her! Thank you for your attention <3
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Oooh so cute and stylish!
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Congratulations on getting the header/featured image in the Drawfriend.
I'll make sure to watch you now.
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this is seriously so absolutely stunning, i can't get over it!!!!
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"Uh.... Rarity? Don't you think this costume is a bit more.... um.... too risky?"
-Starlight, darling, we are normally not wearing any clothes. How different would that make you?
"Well... ask those stallions over there staring at me like I was a....."
-A....a pop-star!
"A what?"
-You.... you look like a pop-star! And your public is.... waiting for you.
"Are you kidding me?"
-W-well.... sing something and it... may work?
"... Still love it, though. Where did you get the inspiration?"
-Oh. A good friend of Applejack. Coloratura.
"Oh. Uh.... who?"
-Darling! You.... you don't know who that is?
"Is... that important for the costume?"
-N-no, not at all.
"Good. See you tonight then."
-Okay. But expect taking attention from the stallions today....

Wonderful work
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Loved the way you drew her here (very nice work on the outfit and hair).
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She is quite beautiful!
That's some incredible hair!
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Cute outfit! X3
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