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Spike, what are you doing?

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is that dark magic 
ummmm... noo....
Spike (Sheepish smile) Plz 
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
i will go study Dar.. um i mean.. Magic now
twilight sparkle (smile) plz 

Twilight (Mad) Plz 
spike (scary) plz 
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Hey i am just trying to be funny 
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It's hard to laugh when on fanfiction, Spike dies.
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This... picture... is so AWESOME! Please tell me you do commissions? I would GLADLY pay you to draw something as awesome as this!
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Super awesome point of view!
Twilight reminds me of Bambi here Love
Colors are very nice, looks like actual painting. Definitely favorites + watch.
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Apparently he is about to read XIX. Which I guess is Roman numerals for 19? So maybe it's the 19th book in a series? Or a book about the number 19?

Anyway, nice perspective on the room, and Twilight looks adorable.
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That perspective is really good!
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Can.... can I just love you now?
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Классно! Интересный ракурс и детализированный задний план))
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Yay twilight no alicorn! Looks much better this way.
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Beautiful piece. I really like the detailed background, and the perspective is very cool.

Wonder why Twilight's looking so concerned there, too!
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Nice shading
I what is he doing by the way
Is it just up for speculation
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I really loveHeart  the lighting in the room. You can see it's wery warm & nice in there c: BUT (no offence):
There are 2 things i don't like:

:? (Confused) 1. Why are spikes legs so..... wierd? Tiny... umm or too straight? Too close to each other perhaps? I don't really know but I would change something here.

:? (Confused) 2. Twilight looks great!!! The proportions are just FANTASTIC -----> EXCEPT! The left ear... Isn't is slightly exaggerated? I can clearly see you wanted to keep the perspective. Twilight is great, like I said already, but the ear is the only thing I don't like about her.

Anyway, great work on this one! Sad there's no discription to it (I like readin' descriptions :D ) Keep the good work! Cause I know how hard can the coloring be c:
Best regards!
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What is he doing? Or at least, what is he doing that would cause Twilight to ask that question? ...or is it a rhetorical question? GAH! TOO MUCH THINKING!
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Spike wat r u doin?
Spike don't stahp!
Ur too cute!
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Don't mind me I'm just being silly.
Also I really like your painting <3
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Wow, this is excellent!
I like the colors of wood. Not to mention the awesome shadings!
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Oh, I really like the shadowing on Twi.
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Awesome work!  Love the composition and rendering!
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