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Minecraft Spyro

Now animated and rotating! :dummy:
Gfycat for those who won't wait for the .gif to load

Non-rotating version:
Spyro stopped rotating by LockRikard
You can get the Spyro model (for SketchUp) here:
DL: Minecraft Spyro by LockRikard 

Modeled in SketchUp, animated and rendered in Blender
Render time: ~1,5 minutes x 264 frames ≈ 6,6 hours
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812x569px 17.44 MB
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maybe it would be a playstation exclusive for minecraft dungeons

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this would be a great pet for minecraft dungeons

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any chance you could release the blender animations for this? like in the form of ablend  file?
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with the model that is. so its all blender compatible?
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Make a mod out of it. Or a ressource pack, I don't care, but do it.
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Cuuuuuute! makes me want to build a lego Spyro :D
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even the original movement of the character.  just brilliant! :eager:
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Awww Spyro looks cute in Minecraft :3
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You did it in SketchUp?
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This should be a mod *_*
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Holy god it moves :o (Eek)
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And Spyro is probably my favorite dragon of all time
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Can't say anything diffrent. (exept of ACTIVISION RUINED IT!)
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Wow, Great job! The animation is really smooth!
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I have just started playing the Spyro games and this is really cool!
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