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Fella Graffiti CSS

By lockjavv
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Only Rules i have are:
1. Do Not claim my templates as your own.
2. Do not use my css codes in css contests.
3. Do not re-distribute

follow those rules and we will have no problems.



With that being said id like to note also that this layout does not work in IE. I tried to make it work. Just dont really care enough about that browser to sit here and stress myself. I tried ... didnt work ... end of story.

All images are being hosted by me .... but to stay away from your journal going blank one day due to me cleaning out my hosting folders ... Id host them myself if i was you. Up to you ofcourse. Hope someone finds use for this layout.

This layout also contains a RESIZED smaller version of the header image. I forget sometimes my screen is larger than most and make pictures a bit large. It also has TWO MOOD BG's Ones black ones yellow greenish. Up to you to choose which looks best. I accidentally put both in the download file ... so i guess you have a choice.

It was only done for me to relieve some stress.

Download File Includes: all images, CSS file, HTML file, Instructions on how to install and a screenshot.

Fella made by ¢greatLP
journal table coding by ^ginkgografix
journal design by me
© 2008 - 2021 lockjavv
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how do you make a journal skin? o.o
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there are many tutorials on how to do so ... i believe the most can be found here #eCSSited
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Hiii, this is being used for the ManStock group blog, at least for the moment: [link]
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Great journal skin :)
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Thanks so much for this CSS! It's gorgeous! :)

I've been trying to use it, but I've not had any luck. I hosted the images myself and copy/pasted the urls in the relevant places (replacing your urls between the brackets) but I keep getting error messages. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

If not, I'll just wait for the one-click install. :)
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what kind of errors are you getting? once i know that i can tell you what is wrong in the css.

and thanks so much i appreciate the comment.
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This is a beautiful CSS, would you mind if I used the layout but changed the header picture? I would credit you of course and keep your name in the journal. Credit where credit is due ^^
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sure feel free to change in any way i dont mind at all

and thanks for the comment :hug: i appreciate it
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thank you ^^ muchly appreciated, I adore your CSS work is wonderful!
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Did you remove something already?
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they are placed in the download file but you gotta add them to a hosting site yourself. I may add my journals to the one click install shrotly so you might wanna wait it out if you dont want to go through all the trouble.
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Do the one click install
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i want to i just havent had the time to sit down and figure it out.
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remove something?

the images i am guessing?

yah those were removed long ago. this template is about a year old.
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Thanks for this man, It's badass!:D
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I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this css. its a shame I cant use it cause in on IE. if it was for it id use it in an instance. suppose u wouldn't make it for it though
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you know, feels like there needs to be an image in footer, nothing major, but it just feels kind of empty :hmm:
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it says file not found for all the images, damn, i really wanted to use this :(
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yeah sorry my temporary hosting site has deleted all my images. If u jsut put them on a hosting site and replace the url's it will work just fine.
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