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Pierrette by Lockit13 Pierrette :iconlockit13:Lockit13 3 1 How to summon a dragon by Lockit13 How to summon a dragon :iconlockit13:Lockit13 4 0 Turquoise's blue moon diamond app by Lockit13 Turquoise's blue moon diamond app :iconlockit13:Lockit13 5 0 Neo's Application by Lockit13 Neo's Application :iconlockit13:Lockit13 2 1 CCoct Round one :Dancing in the dark by Lockit13 CCoct Round one :Dancing in the dark :iconlockit13:Lockit13 4 5
CCOCT Round 1 part 2: Dolls and Marionettes
    The moon glistened over the quiet outskirts of a small town where a wagon rolls past a body in the road. A rough looking man jumped down from his horse drawn wagon to check with the boy who laid out on the side of the road.  “Hey stranger,  you alright?”
    Laying in the road of this caravan was a boy and curled up in his arms a cat. The carriage carried three others, men with a Countenance warped with fear and wrath. Ugh… where am I? Is this the horror channel? The man looking over him gave him a look of confusion “channel? What are you possessed or sumpt’en yur speakin’ in tongues laddy!”
    The puppet rubs his eyes as Calvic stretches before meowing at the man. “Come, come, boy, there isn't a moment to lose while this banshee is about! Calvic’s puppet gets to his feet “Banshee?” “Aye, come with us mah boy for the torment ends tonight!
:iconlockit13:Lockit13 1 1
CCOCT Round 1 part 1: The meeting place
    The next moment Calvic and Charles appeared in a rather untidy studio with neon people running papers to each other in a frantic blur. Charles grumbled under his breath, “Well it looks like the remote is on the fritz again.He gallantly waves his arm to Calvic to continue to a pair of double doors with a dimly lit sign that says Audio/Video “Right this way!”.Calvic opens the doors to be faced with a large control room and seated at its biggest monitor was an another mechanical man who has himself plugged in. “Hey Lucio we have a late entry can you get HA2KIN online to get this little guy signed in.” He strokes the cat in his arms. “ Ok, but it will take a while before the system can boot up HA2 has been acting more obsessive than usual.” “ Am not!” A distorted voice sounds over the monitor as a  face made of polygons occupy most of the monitors rather than the surveillance cameras which looked over the stage a
:iconlockit13:Lockit13 0 0
CCOCT Calvic Audition
    CCOCT Calvic’s Audition
    The forever looming moon shines upon a large castle in the middle of Oblivion, a planet for by an all mighty titan by the name of Juserra for her loyal follower Loncreus and his servant Calvic. Aside from how lonely the castle stood something out of the ordinary was about to occur. Sitting in his thrown the master strokes his cat “It's time to start cleaning Calvic this place is rather...dirty.” The cat in his lap opens his eyes glaring up at his master. “Hop to it, or I'll limit you on your clone usage. Calvic awakens a multitude of Butler clones who roam the castle starting and finishing chores until one of them hears a wrapping at the door.
    The puppet answers the door to be faced to face with a giant three headed bear, but its skin is replaced with billowing smoke that winds and bends over its exposed bones. “Oh bother…” the bu
:iconlockit13:Lockit13 1 0
Calvic The Cat (CCOCT) by Lockit13 Calvic The Cat (CCOCT) :iconlockit13:Lockit13 2 0 Barth is a dancin' by Lockit13 Barth is a dancin' :iconlockit13:Lockit13 3 1 Noodle!! by Lockit13 Noodle!! :iconlockit13:Lockit13 4 0 Wrath of a Demon prince by Lockit13 Wrath of a Demon prince :iconlockit13:Lockit13 7 0 The Werewolf of Fate Ridge by Lockit13 The Werewolf of Fate Ridge :iconlockit13:Lockit13 6 3 Myrah and Mike request by Lockit13 Myrah and Mike request :iconlockit13:Lockit13 3 3 Ring Master Enter wants to battle! by Lockit13 Ring Master Enter wants to battle! :iconlockit13:Lockit13 17 16 Lexhart Cuddle by Lockit13 Lexhart Cuddle :iconlockit13:Lockit13 7 1


A Spirited Beginning, The Road to Disaster by RaigekiEXE A Spirited Beginning, The Road to Disaster :iconraigekiexe:RaigekiEXE 9 7 Let's Save the World by RaigekiEXE Let's Save the World :iconraigekiexe:RaigekiEXE 20 10 Stitch not bad, Stitch fluffy! by Alantka Stitch not bad, Stitch fluffy! :iconalantka:Alantka 211 22 Doodletale2 by Drawloverlala Doodletale2 :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 365 36 This was only supposed to be his head by HollyRoseBriar This was only supposed to be his head :iconhollyrosebriar:HollyRoseBriar 35 9 Here we go, off the rails by neonUFO Here we go, off the rails :iconneonufo:neonUFO 434 85 Slalomicidal by zarla Slalomicidal :iconzarla:zarla 161 119 Stamp on the Ground by zarla Stamp on the Ground :iconzarla:zarla 7,764 2,375 Ratchetness Reference by Earthsong9405 Ratchetness Reference :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 310 83 First -and probably last- date by Skitea First -and probably last- date :iconskitea:Skitea 4,188 213 Bloody Holidays! by Saragonvoid
Mature content
Bloody Holidays! :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 4 0
Maybe Just Barely 2 by 5iEvUEYB Maybe Just Barely 2 :icon5ievueyb:5iEvUEYB 5 2 Demona by KetsuoTategami Demona :iconketsuotategami:KetsuoTategami 35 2 Bloodstone by DTaina Bloodstone :icondtaina:DTaina 106 19 Goliath by JediRhydon501st Goliath :iconjedirhydon501st:JediRhydon501st 6 0 Hudson by JediRhydon501st Hudson :iconjedirhydon501st:JediRhydon501st 6 0



How to summon a dragon
So something great happend in :iconjustsayingheyo: campaign where we released a captured dragon from a dragon stone. and I just had to draw it! Enjoy
Turquoise's blue moon diamond app



    Gem Location: Left ear


    Social Stance: Commoner

    Weapon: Khopesh

    Unique ability: electrical waves

    Personality: Turquoise isn't the most outgoing gem or the most trusting due to her treatment in her enrollment in her former allegiance to a diamond. She often walking through crowds apon crowds alone humming to herself waiting for a job despite most turquoises are used for entertainment purposes. She feels she doesn't have to stand on the sidelines to watch her comrades be bubbled or shattered. Unlike other Turquoises she wants to have more of a purpose to serve under a diamond who can give her a chance on the battlefield. And just maybe this one diamond who brought her under his wing will give her such a chance. She is a gem of little words and prefers  

    Fusion style: Belly dancing

    Fusion: none

    Other: Turquoises are known to be entertainers their powers over electrical waves help others calm down after a fight or to pump up their adrenaline before a fight. When put in danger these electrical waves can be enhanced or be absorbed by Turquoise’s Khopesh to be shot out as a string of lightning  

    Theme: Echos at the Mountain Peak Final Peak-Crystal Chronicles (…)

    Instrument: Recorder

    Corrupt form: a 5 armed eel

Neo's Application

    Name:Nio Araz

    Race: Faun


    Social stance:commoner


    Gem Location: No gem located except one on the back of his right hand

    Weapon: Morning star

    Unique ability: is pretty fast in mountainous regions also can play a mean recorder.

    Personality:He is a loyal to his gem and to remember this he looks at a gem that is attached to the back of his right hand. He hates to fight so he puts his healing talents to use for his diamond and to help in anyway possible.

    Fusion style: None (unless there is a half gem included in the process)

    Fusion of: none

    Other: Before he was abducted he knocked out by a mysterious figure and lost his memory of himself and imprinted on the gem culture rather than his own species who were in the zoos.    

    Homeplanet:he can't remember but it is called Forgona…


Do you like Parties? Well then Come on down to a land that makes Candyland want to cry gumdrops in comparison to The Last Slice OCT!

This OCT looks really interesting to me and I'm planning on joining once it opens so join in If you got the time

Drop on by! ITs a party....of a Lifetime MUhahahaahahahahahaha!!!!

The judges are also working really hard to make it as fun as possible!

 :iconhazard100: :iconasp-ian: :iconchibi-tediz: :iconanchortoon:


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Hi im Lockott but you can call me Lock, i am a novice digital artist who is leaning the ropes to be a great artist.I draw anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics) ,human characters,fan art and whatever to develop my style.

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