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Lost Once Again by AFY
I stand before you
Head lowered
And eyes all cried out
Holding pieces of my torn
And bruised heart
Asking you for another chance
All I need is the truth
You've kept me in your world for so long
I dont know what is real anymore
I'm lost
And crying
I need you more than anything
Will you be there for me
Or will you let me fall
Will you keep me locked in this darkness
Will you give me some hope
Some shred of anything that means you still love me
Or have you come to the conclusion
That I'm not good enough for your love
Will you push me out of your way as you move on
Eager to be rid of my depressed love
Tell me what to do
No matter how much I'll hurt,
Please dont lie to me anymore
Don't make your self believe that this "lost" love will last
When you know deep in your heart that you will never love anyone again
Your love died two and a half years ago
Mine will only linger
I've loved you to my fullest
And have been hurt and damaged beyond repair
By your
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 0 2
You broke my heart again
You made me sick again
You made me feel alone again
All because you can
I hate you again
I miss you again
I want to cry again
All because I loved you
I'm wondering why again
I'm hating myself again
I'm hurting myself again
All because you made me
I'm sitting here screaming inside
Wondering what the fuck
Back and forth back and forth
Pick a damn direction
Break my heart again
Leave again
Come back again
Love me again
I hate you for making me feel this way
I don't want to love you anymore
I want you out of my life
But i love you and i don't want to let go
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 2
Sad Memory
When we first started out
It was unbelievable
I was truly in love with you
But as the years passed
It all changed
Your sweetness disappeared
I began to wonder if my love was still there
We've been through so many things
My heart kept breaking
Tears kept falling
But I loved you
Through it all I still do
After all you've done and said
My love should be gone
But still it remains
But its time I move on
You were never right for me
And I learned that the hard way
It's hard to breath
Hard to get up each day
Hard to keep living
But "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger"
And I believe that I am stronger
I will always love you regardless of all that has happened
But I will never go down that road again
The pain is just too much
But I will move on
And you'll just be another sad memory
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Lost by lockedinside Lost :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 0 10
What Happened To Us
There isn't enough room for the both of us here
I'm in the bedroom and you're in the living room
Yet the tension is thick
You can't breath without feeling strangled
We stare at each other with empty eyes
Share broken dreams
And tell pretty lies
I stare at the ceiling and wonder where I am
What happened to us?
I couldn't see my life without you
Now all I want is a life minus you
We stay in separate rooms just to avoid a fight
I find my self screaming, "I hate you" more and more
I catch you not wearing your ring a lot more
Thing is I don't even care at all anymore
I catch myself daydreaming about what if…
What happened to us?
Where did we go?
Thing is do you care?
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For You by afy
I can still see your eyes
Hear your terrified voice
Feel your shaking hands
But you said as long as it would keep me safe
My heart is breaking
But I'm proud of you
I'm honored to have a person like you in my life
My tears will fall till the day
I see you home safe
My prayers won't stop
Till I see you again
My chest feels empty
My head is screaming
My spirit is saddened
I want so badly to see you again
Just to let you know how much you mean to me
To let you know how much I think about you
You are the first and last thing I think about before bed
And the first and only thing the next day
I am so afraid to lose you
Your voice keeps playing in my head
"At least I know I'm doing it for you,
You and all my friends
That's what's important
That you be safe that's all I'm worried about"
I never knew you even cared till that moment
Now I don't want to lose you
I look up to the sky every night and I pray
Do you hear me?
I cry each night you are there
Do you hear me?
My heart aches for you
Can you
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 9
Where You Are
You are so far
Yet you are so close in spirit
My heart aches for you
Do you hear it?
I want to be where you are
Despretely to let you know how I feel
I'm going crazy knowing where you are
The danger of it all
The feeling of emptiness creeps into my chest
My body aches
My heart is crying
But I know deep down inside
That you will come home safe
As it gets harder and harder to breath
I try not to think about it all too much
I just wanted you to know that I think about you too
That you are in my heart and soul
Be safe my hero
Come home to me
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 4
Through Rose Colored Glasses by lockedinside Through Rose Colored Glasses :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 4 You Know You Want Me by lockedinside You Know You Want Me :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 2 Baby Ash ID by lockedinside Baby Ash ID :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 0 5
I never got to say goodbye
I'm not even sure I told you I loved you
The last time that we were on the phone together
I just remember you making me laugh
You were always good at that'
I'm sorry I never asked about your past, or asked you to tell me stories
I'm sorry you never got to see me graduate before your time
But I am happy knowing that you got to see me grow up
And get married
I'm glad you were apart of my life as much as you were
It brings tears to my eyes to know that I'll never see your smiling face anymore
I think I'll even miss your grumpiness
But I know your up there smiling down on us
And I'll see you again someday
But until then I love you grandpa
I'll miss you
I'll never forget you
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 2 6
We love you and miss you by lockedinside We love you and miss you :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 0 7
Painful Memories by afy
How can memories hurt so badly?
The tears sting my heart,
The pain in my soul gets deeper,
I struggle to keep my composure,
But the ache gnaws at my heart.
I can't fight the tears any longer.
Soon the sobs steal my breath.
I become sick to my stomach.
The pain and shock hit me as hard,
As it had did that day.
The day the earth stopped spinning,
The day the angels cried,
The day music stopped playing,
The day a piece of me died.
They day you passed away.
I didn't want to believe,
That it was your name on that grave plate.
I didn't want to believe,
That it was your picture in the obituary section.
I don't want to believe,
That I will never again see your sweet smile,
Hear your wonderful voice,
Or feel your gentle touch.
I can't believe how memories can hurt so badly.

:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 6
On Broken Wings by AFY by lockedinside On Broken Wings by AFY :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 0 lost-afraid-tired-confused afy by lockedinside lost-afraid-tired-confused afy :iconlockedinside:lockedinside 1 1
Insidse-Out by AFY
Wrap your arms around me
Let me rest my head on your shoulder
Catch my tears
Take away my pain
Give me the energy to really smile
Teach me to laugh
Fill the void in my heart
Kiss my cold lips
My head is spinning
My eyes are tired
The tears burn
The voices are screaming
I'm choking on my sobs
My body is weak
The emptiness is getting bigger
Its getting harder to breathe
my eyes are raw
Your tired of hearing me cry
Your sick of seeing me like this
Why won't you hold me
You can take away my pain
Why do you let me suffer
My heart is crying
My eyes are bleeding
My mind is screaming
On the ledge
Foot off the chair
Mouthful of pills
Razor in hand
Looking up at you
waiting to be saved
Praying for the courage
crying for it to be over
tired of the tears
Fearing aloness

A look into the confusion
:iconlockedinside:lockedinside 2 13


Turned to talk to you today
But no one was there
I'd forgotten again
Went to your funeral today
They had your favorite flowers
It was pretty
Your mom came over for dinner today
She left before dessert
I think she cried
Found the sweater I had borrowed today
Did you know how much you'd hurt us?
I know you did
Your boyfriend talked to me today
He said he understood how I felt
I just walked away
Went to your house, found my pills today
Did I tell you your parents are moving?
They can't take the memories anymore
Wanted to hurt someone today
Make someone share my pain
But I couldn't
Started killing my pain today
Maybe if I can punish myself
God will forgive
:iconalannalivandra:alannalivandra 27 51
The Loveless Stranger
you're walking home alone tonight,
with yourself, the loveless stranger.
bare tree branches sway in the fog,
while you're running from everything,
through fields of hopelessness,
despair and surrender.
you'll never make it out alive.
but i can't complain.
do you really want to feel the way you do?
this disease will wear off,
but your scars enjoy their residence.
don't say i didn't warn you.
:iconlikeabadstar:likeabadstar 1 6
This Is To A Girl
i want to promise you forever,
but regret and memories lurk on my shoulder.
but i know in my heart that i mean it this time.
i have no doubts on your feelings this time.
and this is for the night in the hotel,
where i was so nevous to tell you,
everything i ever wanted to,
and i cried out how much i loved you.
and this song is for the busride home,
and tiger lily spilled from the headphones,
and with my right, and your left entwined,
my heart raced, with your lips on mine.
i want to spend my life with you.
this feels too good to be true,
but it's fact, not fiction.
i want to spend my life with you.
:iconlikeabadstar:likeabadstar 1 12
Kitty - Blue eyes too by meririm Kitty - Blue eyes too :iconmeririm:meririm 20 16 The Evil Eye by pdRydia The Evil Eye :iconpdrydia:pdRydia 6 12
Fields of Hope
In my dreams
I never thought to meet someone like you
In a field of hope
I walked with you by my side as an equal
You are the one whose soul understands mine
The deepest part of my soul which no one else sees
With you I can be myself
I can be all I want to be
Holding nothing back I am whole again
My friend you are my dreams and hopes
The one I would die for
Just lying in your arms
Comforts me beyond all else
I love you soul deep and with you I am free
:iconsilver-rage:Silver-Rage 2 32
Face Down, Drowning
i'm waiting here alone,
for tomorrow, and for something better,
to get me through the day,
without thinking,
of your face.
i fell from high hopes,
into the shallow end,
where your heart feels at home.
my legs shattered, i'll never get up.
face down, drowning,
in your shallow heart.
i didn't know how dumb i was,
until i felt new feelings for you.
accepting these feelings is a mistake,
in disbelief and denial,
that these feelings might not mean anything.
my lungs are clogged with my blood.
i bit my tongue to stop myself from telling you,
how i really feel and how i really think.
truth is, i don't want you,
but the problem is i need you.
perhaps you'll never know.
i fell from high hopes,
into the shallow end,
where your heart feels at home.
my legs shattered, i'll never get up.
face down, drowning,
in your shallow heart.
© Copyright 10/25/2004
Brendan Alborough
:iconlikeabadstar:likeabadstar 2 15
My Heart
my arms reached out,
with fingers crossed,
bloodstained hands,
undo the puzzle,
release my fingers,
a beating heart,
stares up at you.
i hand my heart over to you,
you know as well as i,
that you know how to love me,
much more than i do.
i hand my heart over.
accept this gift to you,
i know that it's not much,
but it's really all i can give.
please, accept my love.
it's all i can afford,
but it means more than anything.
a hole in my chest,
a spill on the floor.
it will be all for nothing,
if you turn it down.
this is my last chance i have.
in hopes you will say yes.
please, just once,
i hope you will accept.
© Copyright 10/01/2004
Brendan Alborough
:iconlikeabadstar:likeabadstar 1 4
You.Dont.Belong by prelandra You.Dont.Belong :iconprelandra:prelandra 39 28
Confessions of a Poet
Confessions of a Poet
Poetry, pain,
It's all the same.
Both hurt,
both drain,
drive me crazy
make me insane.
I hurt myself
for the pleasures of others.
They read,
I suffer.
Pull me up,
only to push me under.
I hate myself!!!
Read my stuff,
You'll know.
With this ink,
my blood flows.
Killing myself slowly,
You watch by reading.
I can't stop writing,
or stop myself from bleeding.
:iconbloodykisses05:bloodykisses05 4 20
Hollow Me by shadowvampire Hollow Me :iconshadowvampire:shadowvampire 20 38 :. O B L I Q U E OCEAN .: by shaterddreamz :. O B L I Q U E OCEAN .: :iconshaterddreamz:shaterddreamz 7 23 still by orangebutt still :iconorangebutt:orangebutt 569 281


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damn i haven't been on this in a long i'm sorry ya'll, i'll try to post somethin in the near future...but yeah for now i need to get back in the swing of thangs...


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