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Doomseed 1 Cover (Scrapped)

Here is the finished cover.

After Long evaluation and critical coments from others I have decided that this does in fact suck and will have to be redone. Sorry to have wasted anyone's time with this trash. Please disregard the rest of the gallery for it will give you a stye.
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I think its freaking cool man. You got ur own style and its not easy now a days to do that. I like the wrap around look of the cover. ;)
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i think you're short-handing yourself. the colouring on this piece is really remarkable.
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Thank you so very much! I think that each element, if taken seperately, isn't so bad. But since I drew it as one big piece it should have been colored as one piece and it's there that is falls short. Rather than looking cohesive it seems hobbled together, it lacks flow.