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Harmony, this piece his making me squeal with pure awe and amazement! The colors are excellent, and so I should each of the expressions...

Harmony, this is easily one of my most favorite pieces from you yet it is absolutely BEYOND breathtaking! The colors you chose are rich...

Okay so, this is my first ever critique, however, since I love this piece so much I have decided to go ahead and give one a go! Like I ...

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ART TRADE: The Newest Ketchum by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: The Newest Ketchum :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 15 4 UArts Ghost Dad by LocalPeaches UArts Ghost Dad :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 7 16 Team Beetlebabes by LocalPeaches Team Beetlebabes :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 10 5 Peaches Project: Ocean Explorer by LocalPeaches Peaches Project: Ocean Explorer :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 15 24 ART TRADE: A Relaxing Read by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: A Relaxing Read :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 7 4
Instead of a pillow, I wish my head
Lay on your bare chest. 
Listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat
And using it as my lullaby.
Occasionally letting your jawline 
Grace the top of my head 
And allowing your soft lips
To plant rosy kisses on my forehead. 
Lavender mixing with chocolate. 
Soft emerald eyes watching me sleep. 
You rubbing my back. 
I still
Like a child
Wish you were here. 
Even though I've been taught to
Accept that it's physically impossible.  
:iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 3 5
Better Than a Bunny Suit by LocalPeaches Better Than a Bunny Suit :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 11 10 Lets Lycanroc And Roll! by LocalPeaches Lets Lycanroc And Roll! :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 12 4 GIFT: Birthday Otter by LocalPeaches GIFT: Birthday Otter :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 10 2 Young Lion by LocalPeaches Young Lion :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 13 2 Beetlejuice Goes to Alola by LocalPeaches Beetlejuice Goes to Alola :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 20 3 I'm Over My Head (But it Sure Feels Nice~) by LocalPeaches I'm Over My Head (But it Sure Feels Nice~) :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 10 10 Peaches Reference Sheet 2019 by LocalPeaches Peaches Reference Sheet 2019 :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 13 18 GIFT: KellsterJuice, KellsterJuice, KellsterJuice! by LocalPeaches GIFT: KellsterJuice, KellsterJuice, KellsterJuice! :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 11 5 ART TRADE: Pitfall Accident by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: Pitfall Accident :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 7 11 Peaches Fursuit Head Design by LocalPeaches Peaches Fursuit Head Design :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 6 11
Free Team Rocket Ball Icon by sugarislife28ALL NEW VISITORS PLEASE READ! Free Team Rocket Ball Icon by sugarislife28 :

1) If you don't have anything nice to say/any constructive criticism to give me, please don't comment anything on my profile or any of my deviations.
2) If you are a hateful person, are looking for trouble, or just don't like my art or favorite characters to the point where you feel like you will be disrespectful about it, hit the back button.
3) If you are here for thanking me for the llama/watch/fave... You're so very welcome! You don't have to leave a comment if you don't want to, but you can if you would like.
4) PLEASE don't rush me on an art trade or a commission piece. You are allowed to ask me every once in a while if I remembered about your drawing, however please don't say "hurry up" or continuously ask me when it's going to be done. Good art takes time.
5) Don't try to gain my friendship just to get art out of me. I will draw you a picture if you politely ask for a trade or commission or if I feel giving and feel like giving out gifts
6) GIFTS are called GIFTS for a reason. Don't ask me for a gift because if you do, that's called a "request" and I DO NOT DO THOSE ANYMORE.
7) when I say trades/commissions are closed, I mean that they are closed.
8) DO NOT ASK ME FOR MY EMAIL OR TO JOIN SPECIFIC OTHER WEBSITES! I am not willing to join a social media site just because you tell me to. Finally, my email is for private matters, so I'd rather not give it out willy-nilly
9) I LOVE role playing! If you'd like to RP, you can do so with me! However, if you do, please keep your RPs clean. I do not partake in violent or sexual role plays. I find both entirely repulsive.
10) Please don't ask me to be your girlfriend. I didn't come to DA looking for a significant other.
11) I'm okay with one-word comments on my deviations, however, I would prefer all comments submitted to my deviations to be RELEVANT to the deviation. If you have something to say to me, then use my profile page or note me! I don't bite! (also, just a note, all "random" comments in the comments section of my drawings will be hidden)
12) Let me draw what I want to draw and be myself. Okay? I won't tell you how to live your life, so please stay far away from mine.
14) and finally... HAVE FUN!! :D
(Team Rocket Pokeball icon by sugarislife28 )

Thanks for reading this and have a great day X3 Thank You... by twisted-aya-brea Teacup Kittens - Meowth by ForestCat-PixelArt
Skeleton Divider by Gasara Skeleton Divider by Gasara Skeleton Divider by Gasara

:heart: Some fabulous friends and inspirations of mine :heart:
Skeleton Divider by Gasara Skeleton Divider by Gasara Skeleton Divider by Gasara
Beetlejuice by Real-Warner Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! by Margo-K Lydia by Real-Warner


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My Songbirds~ by LocalPeaches



General Rules
What I WILL draw: 
:check:Pokemon and Pokemon trainers 
:check:Yokai and some Digimon 
:check:Tim Burton canon characters and characters in Tim Burton's art style
:check:LAIKA characters 
:check:Anthro/furry and feral animals 
:check:OCs, fursonas, and personas of all species
:check:Fanart for most cartoons, movies, etc. that feature any of the above 
:check:Silly cartoon tropes for non-fetish purposes (EX: getting stuck under nets, eye gags, haystacks/bushes/snow mounds with eyes, etc.)
:check:Werewolves/were-beasts and non-fetish transformations into such creatures  
:check:Human characters as animals or furries  

What I will CONSIDER drawing: 
Bullet; YellowPAW Patrol (OCs and canon) 
Bullet; YellowShips of any and all kinds (as long as I am comfortable with the ship)
Bullet; Yellowmild candy gore 

What I will NOT draw: 
xSexual or fetish artwork of any and all kinds. This includes the following: 
  • sex 
  • masturbation 
  • bondage
  • vore/maw
  • inflation
  • growth, tickling, licking, or smelling of feet/paws 
  • babyfur, diaperfur and AB/DL
  • fetish transformations 
  • hypnosis
  • bodily fluids/functions 
  • overfeeding/overeating 
  • fetish macro/micro
  • anything else I judge to be of sexual nature 
xOverly-violent situations 
x OCs from anybody other than you or I (if you do not have the explicit permission from another user to add them into the picture)
xPictures with more than two human characters present regardless of subject matter 
xPictures with more than four animal/anthro characters present regardless of subject matter 
xAnything I judge to be hateful, offensive, or disturbing. 

I reserve the right to refuse to trade with you or take your commission if I am uncomfortable with what you want me to draw! 
Paw Print (Red) - F2U!Do you take free requests?: Absolutely not. I have since given up with requests, as I feel cheated by them since I am not getting paid for them (by either points or art). Please, I cannot stress this enough. 
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U!How many trades/commissions do you take at a time?: No more than six. I close them after I reach my quota until I finish all of the pieces I owe to others, or when I just feel like opening them again. While I do enjoy doing trade pieces, they ware me out and once I finish them, I'd like to draw something that I want to draw as a refresher. 
Paw Print (Pale Orange) - F2U!I want to do a trade with you but I can't draw!: There is no such thing as not being able to draw. I don't care what your art style is; I don't care how polished it looks or not, just draw. Of, if that's not for you, you could always write something for me or find a way to make some other sort of art for me. Otherwise, please do not ask me to trade with you. 
Paw Print Bullet (Green-O) - F2U!How long will my piece take to complete?: Generally, a trade piece will take anywhere from three to five days to complete. If it goes any longer than that, my apologies. I might be working on a handful of other trades, or a piece for school. I will inform you of any other pieces I absolutely need to get done if they might get in the way of me completing your trade piece. Please be patient with me.

Additional information: 
For trades ONLY: 
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!My trades are NOT first-come-first-serve. Trades with people I know best and/or have traded with before are ALWAYS going to be preferred over trades with complete strangers. However, I do not discourage you if you don't know me well to ask for a trade piece. 
Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!  FOR STRANGERS ASKING FOR A TRADE: Please, please PLEASE provide proof to me that you make art in some form. I personally do not care if you draw, write, or whatever else you might do, as long as you make something yourself in some way. In my opinion, while they are fun to look at, screenshot memes and edits where you do not use your own art and/or photographs in them are not art. That's okay if you think they are, but I personally don't. Offer me a trade like that and I am sorry but I will have to decline you. 

Commission prices: 
The following are my prices for point commissions: 
Traditional art
Points60 for without background 
 Points75 for with background  

Digital art
Points50 for transparent background 
Points65 for with background  

What you want: 
What you're drawing for me/your total in points (depending on which you want) :

What you're drawing for me: 
Check out this journal for some inspiration~ 

Thanks a bunch!

 LocalPeaches Logo (Black) by LocalPeaches



  • Listening to: Bastille- "Glory"
  • Watching: Beetlejuice cartoon
  • Playing: Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Eating: Gummy Sharks


LocalPeaches's Profile Picture
Emma "Peaches" S.
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Looking to do a trade with me or ask for a commisison? See this journal!:…
:heart: Love my James :heart:~ Stevie x James Icon (Commission) by Serpanade-Toons
-Alola! I'm Emma/Peaches and I'm a compassionate wolf furry with dreams of becoming a professional stop-motion or cel animator. I've been told by many of my friends that my art style is a fusion between the Pokemon anime, Tim Burton, and Warner Brothers cartoons/Tiny Toons, which is an interesting combination, I know, but somehow it works ha ha! I've always loved cartooning and art in general and knew that it was what I wanted to do with my life since I was very young. I am currently a high school senior, taking three different art classes alongside my traditional school subjects, but I am enrolled at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next fall and majoring in animation and minoring in either illustration or creative writing. Have a nice day and thanks for dropping by :heart:
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-Profile pic designed by AdrianImpalaMata


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