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The Elusive Live of the Last


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Traditional sculpting

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Parakeet Sammi Drawing

Traditional drawing painting

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The Elusive Live of the Last


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spring love

Photography animals and insects

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Minni - Cuteness Against Corona

Photography cats only

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Photography nature

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I'm Having A Break

Photography other

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Mandalay Harbor


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2D digital mix

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Blender 2.8 Tutorial - Abstract Geometric Sphere

In this tutorial, we create an interesting spherical abstract shape that can be used in 3d printing or motion graphics design, using Blender 2.8 or higher.


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Have you deleted your Google location history yet?

Google keeps track of every place your phone has been to. Even when you are not using Googles services directly, like when using Maps or Search. Google also saves your search history. You can check them both out at google.com/maps/timeline and myactivity.google.com/myactivity. There are search engines that do not do that and one of them is DuckDuckGo. It respects privacy and does not track you. Purism is now finishing up and delivering the very first Librem 5 smartphone: The brand new phone without any ties to Google. Another smartphone you might be interested in is the one by the /e/ Foundation. They supply un-Googled Android smartphones. The time to stand up for your privacy is now! #spreadprivacy https://spreadprivacy.com/ https://telegra.ph/how-to-live-without-google-01-26 Cover image credits: Marcia O'Connor (CC-BY-NC)

Open Source

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Fisheye-Lense Walk Cycle WIP


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