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Chapter 1


Lobster looked into the mirror on his wall, and observed his look. He had an unusual scale coloration of purple, one nose ring, and a silver sapphire stud earrings. Lobster rushed over to  the princess that he has been loyal to, for years after looking into the mirror. “Princess Dolphin, we have caught two rainwing spies, one is allied with nightwings, and the other, refuses to reveal anything.” Dolphin looked down at Lobster, and he felt a sense of pride.
“Bring them to me, and I shall choose their fate.” Lobster bowed, then ran out the door. Ugh, where did wave take them Lobster thought, while running through the fortress. He saw a mudwing, humming a song, while devouring a sheep.
“Toad, have you seen wave?!” Lobster said in a panicked voice. “Umm he walked into the chambers, why--” but Lobster just ran straight to the chamber. He saw one shaking rainwing, and another that was glaring at Wave, it didn’t look so pleased to be in chains “I said… rainwing…. Who are you allied with?” said Wave holding a spear to their chest,
“I won’t tell you a thing!” said the rainwing with a voice, that sent a chill down Lobster’s spine. “Wave, bring the prisoners to Dolphin,” said Lobster, wave looked back, with a startled face.
“Oh…. su-.” said Wave, but Lobster ran back, jumping in the inside rivers, so seawings could move faster through the fortress. Why does Wave always have to do this when we have prisoners?! Lobster thought to himself.
“Princess we have the prisoners, they will be here shortly!” Lobster said while jumping out of the river. “Good, did you get their names?” “No princess, but--” The princess looked annoyed, “Well back to your guard duties, darling.” said the princess. Lobster always had a good feeling when he was reminded he was the soon to be king. Assuming Princess Dolphin would become queen. He thought to himself.
“Yes Ma’am.” said Lobster going to his small pedestal next to the princess’ throne. Wave walked in with two rainwings chained to his ankle, with one being dragged on the floor, with her wings over her head.
“Why do you have to do this?!” the traumatized looking rainwing yelled. “Because I mustn't let my chances of being a queen ruined, by a rainwing!” shouted the queen, “bring in the cage!” the queen said. Lobster saw the hatred in her eyes. three seawing guards, consisting of Lobsters brothers, brought in a glass cage with rusty metal around the rim, shoved in the rainwings, and they filled it to the brim with water.
They closed the cage, and the rainwings slowly drowned, screaming, and Lobster saw the life drain from their eyes. He saw their bodies go limp. “Now this is the final straw, send an attack to the nightwings, and get rid of all the owners of dragonets... I know that they sent these things.” said Dolphin looking more fierce than Lobster had ever seen her.
“Excuse me, your majesty, all of your ideas are wonderful, but are you sure we should do this?” Lobster said with uncertainty. “But darling, would you really want to object the idea of the love of your life!” said Dolphin, slightly too dramatic, “Umm, I suppose you are correct your majesty.” Lobster said, scared to see what would happen if he objected. “Yes darling, that is right.” said Dolphin looking closely and suspiciously at Lobster.
Lobster left, uncertain of what to do. He Walked into the guard room, while they were all fighting over a huge whale. “SEAWINGS, may I have your attention,” Lobster shouted while all the warriors stopped what they were doing, and saluted.
“We are going to attack the nightwings, if you could all go to your barracks and get prepared, get your armor, and weapons!” Lobster said, with all the seawings rushing out of the room.
He watched as they all jumped into the rivers, each breaking off into different rooms. He wondered if they even gave a thought to killing others. Lobster was waiting in the training yard, when at least one hundred seawings jumped out of a lake, with quartz armor, and spears made from narwhal tusks.
“Warriors, for the princess, we are going to the nightwings and attacking them, raid any house you see, any building, and kill nightwings on sight!” The seawings looked at each other, with uncertain looks, but then they all yelled at once, “Yes sir!”
They then found a hole that was built so that they could swim to any kingdom. These were secretly built, so none of the tribes found them. They all jumped into the hole labeled n i g h t w i n g s. It looked as if it was a synchronized dance when they jumped in. But Lobster knew what they were about to do next would be anything but a graceful dance.

          Chapter 2

Lobster jumped out of the hole, with an army of seawings following. Two nightwing guards that were asleep snapped awake instantly, and they drew their metal swords. Four seawings charged at them, taking them out in an instant. The nightwings where not prepared for the attack, and there were only 4 guards on watch. Lobster watched from a distance as screaming roared from the kingdom, and blue and black scales crashed into each other. Lobster flew into a small structure built into a cliff. Inside was a female nightwing, watching an egg hatch. Lobster thought to himself, I’m so sorry, as he stabbed the nightwing with a spear. As soon as this happened, a rainwing appeared, and knowing of the venom, he flew as fast as he could. He flew back to the wall that defended the kingdom, were nearly all he seawing warriors where standing. “Warriors, we have won this battle, we will retreat to our kingdom”. They once again jumped into the tunnel, and popped out the other side. “You may go to the feasting room, and all SHARE the whale.” said Lobster, while walking to the princess’ throne room. Lobster bowed and said, “Your majesty, the attack was successful, we took out all the nightwings we could find, with very few casualties.” Princess Dolphin looked down at Lobster, and said, “good work darling, have the soldiers been rewarded?” she asked, “Yes your highness, they have been treated to a feast.” The princess looked sinister, and chuckled, “good…. They earned it” she said, with a large smile on her face, “next step…. Is to challenge my mother… Queen Lagoon” to this Lobster stood up from bowing and stared at the Princess, “Three moons are you sure you want to do this, y-you could die” said Lobster with his voice slightly cracking at the end. “Darling, I am sure I want this, think of it, you will be king, and we will rule an entire tribe!” said the princess with confidence in her voice. “But we already have half the tribe with us currently we co-” Lobster said but was interrupted, “EXACTLY, half a tribe already with you, means more support as a queen!” Lobster agreed and walked slowly to the pedestal were he guards.

      Chapter 3

The princess, Lobster and 5 of their best guards were flying to queen Lagoon’s palace. “Oh this is absolutely WONDERFUL” sad the Princess, while doing a flip in the air. “Yes my Princess, this is” said Lobster, with very little amounts of enthusiasm in his voice. They increased speed and bursted through the palaces’ doors. Queen Lagoon was sitting on the far end, and jumped up when the door opened, “Mother… I am here to challenge you for the throne!” said Dolphin walking up to her mother. “I knew the day would come..” said Lagoon, leading them to the arena, with all her followers watching and the guards Dolphin brought keeping them out of the arena. “LET THE FIGHT COMMENCE!” yelled a green seawing, and suddenly Dolphin lunged at her mother, pinning her down. She got her claw ready, to slit her mother's’ throat, but she was thrown off of her mother and hit the sand, with a huge thump. Dolphin jumped at her mother, and bit her horn so hard, that it snapped off. Dolphin looked at her claws, and it seemed like she realised how strong she was. She lunged back at her mother, and she grabbed her other horn. Lagoon closed her eyes, and yelled in pain, when her other horn broke off. Than Dolphin slit Lagoons’ throat. Lagoon lay on the arena ground, dead. While everyone clapped for Dolphin, with very few boos. One seawing broke out in a fit, yelling “THE SEAWING TRIBE WILL DIE NOW THAT SHE IS QUEEN!” and everyone stared at him. “I AM GOING TO THE TALONS OF PEACE IF THIS DOESN'T CHANGE!” And than every other seawing shrugged, and the dragon yelled, “YOU WILL SEE YOUR MISTAKES WHEN WE ALL DIE!!” He yelled in a voice that was so loud, a tribe across the continent could probably hear. Everyone just exchanged glances, as the crazy seawing flew away. All of the seawing guards ran up to Dolphin and formed a circle around her. This was a normal thing for seawings to do when they have a new queen, in case anyone was going to suddenly attack her. Suddenly chaos roared out, and a group of dragons appeared out of the audience, and they tried to assassinate the new queen. They pulled out blow guns, and spat some sort of black liquid out of it. Suddenly Lobster realised it was rainwing venom that they spat. What…. How did they get rainwing venom but as this was going through Lobster’s mind, he jumped in front of the guards, blocking them from the venom. Than everything went dark.

     Chapter 4

Lobster woke up, in the royal hospital. “What.. happened,” said Lobster in a weak voice, and he felt his chest, and there was a hole, that nearly went to his bones, and he screamed out, in surprise. There was a Seawing in the corner, that was his nephew named crab. “OH! hi uncle Lobster… I’m guessing you want to know what happened?” said Crab in a voice that made Lobster annoyed. “DO I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!” Yelled Lobster, and when he was done, Crab was shaking like he saw a ghost. “Oh.. well when Dolphin became queen, seawings spat rainwing venom at her, and you blocked it, so there is now a hole in your chest.” Lobster was just sitting on the small bed, remembering what happened. “Did you find any of the seawings?” Lobster asked Crab, “well we got one, it turns out they were not seawings, but rainwings, who were again sent by nightwings.” Lobster looked around the room, and than Crab added, “Dolphin was terrified when it happened, if you want to visit her she's in her garden with her sister.” Lobster looked at his feet, and than said, “I can’t go looking like this, can you fix me up?” Lobster asked Crab, than he nodded. Crab wrapped bandages around the wound, and than Lobster flew to the garden. Lobster instantly regretted his choice, and paused in mid flight. He flew back to his room, and looked at the huge map on his wall for attack planning. Suddenly he heard a commotion outside. Quickly he flew out, to find a gold dragon standing in the courtyard. Everyone was staring, and the guards were approaching in a threatening way. Lobster flew down in front of the dragon, and all the guards stopped. “Who are you, getting in my way?!” said the dragon in a disgusted voice, “actually, who are you?” asked Lobster.”Hey wait a second, your purple, and the other weirdos are green,” said the dragon in a confused voice, “ok yeah maybe I’m a different color, but you are… gold? Are you another rainwing?” Lobster asked. “Woah! You got a silver thing in your ear! What is that?” said the dragon ignoring Lobster’s question, interested in anything else. Lobster touched his sapphire studded earring, and looked back at the dragon. “You know what… guards take this dragon to the questioning room.” said Lobster, in an annoyed way, “HEY GET YOUR GRIMY TALONS OFFA ME YA CREEPS” yelled the dragon while smacking the guard with their huge wing. One guard smacked the dragon with his tail, knocking her out. “Good work guard, maybe you will be promoted” said Lobster while the other seawing perked up. Lobster walked with the guards, observing the (assuming) rainwing. They walked in silence most of the time until they were in front of a huge spiraling tower. They entered it, and walked up stairs until they reached the top. “HEY! Where am I?!” yelled the dragon while thrashing around in chains. “I’m assuming you can’t breath fire"
This is a work in progress! someone is helping me edit, so not all of it is perfect yet. Hope people like it!Porylove Emote 
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