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   A mudwing ran through the forest, snapping twigs in half. Easy kill… Tumbleweed thought to himself. He lifted up his hood, and got out a small dagger. Slowly, he walked through the trees. The mudwing stopped to make sure of no danger. Tumbleweed inched closer and closer. Suddenly he slammed into the mudwing. “AHH, WHO ARE YOU?!” the dragon yelled. Tumbleweed didn’t reply, and pinned him down. Tumbleweed took the dagger and sliced holes into the mudwings wings.The dragon yelled in pain, which turned into silence as Tumbleweed slit their throat. He found a small pouch on the mudwing’s neck. He rummaged through it, and found some coins. “Extra pay... ” Tumbleweed muttered. He lifted his wings, and flew out of the forest, and to the scorpion den. A safe haven from the war of sandwing succession. Run by Thorn, and her band of outclaws. Filled with criminals, and assassins. Just like Tumbleweed. He flew down to the entrance, and walked in. He observed the tents, and went towards the smallest one. Inside was a small ,twitchy sandwing named Cobra. This was his nickname because he hissed when he said words with an s. “Ahh, Tumbleweed, I ssssee your back, did you complete the job?” asked Cobra in a tired voice. “Yes, now the pay?” asked Tumbleweed. “Hmmm, how about, 150 coinssss?” Cobra hissed. “Seems reasonable…” said Tumbleweed as Cobra went through a chest. “Mmmhmmm here they are, a ssssack of coinssss like you asked!” said Cobra, while gesturing Tumbleweed to leave. Finally, I can go home thought Tumbleweed. He flew towards possibility, to his home, with Windy. His favorite skywing. He landed next to an adobe brick house, with a carved out door. He stepped in and felt a rush of cold air. “How is my love doing?” shouted Tumbleweed as he  set down his dagger. A skinny orange and red skywing rushed to the door, and wrapped her wings around him. “Oh I’m just fine!” she said in a sarcastic way. “What happened?” Asked Tumbleweed, “oh well, the egg tried to roll off the nest…” Tumbleweed felt shock go through his body, “Is it alright?!” Tumbleweed said with a terrified voice, “oh, it’s right over there,” said Windy while pointing at the bowl with their egg in it. Tumbleweed sighed, and tapped Windy’s nose, before going to the kitchen. “So I see we have roasted lizards for dinner,” said Tumble weed while observing the tray full of lizards. “Oh yes, we had some left over from the market, so I brought them home.” said Windy while sitting in a chair made of fabric, “oh yes, how is Horizon doing?” asked Tumbleweed, “oh my brother is just fine,” said Windy, “how was your assasination today?” Windy asked Tumbleweed, “Oh smoothly, didn’t even try to not be killed!” said Tumbleweed. He picked up a lizard and tossed it in his mouth. There was suddenly a knock on the door, and Tumbleweed knew exactly who it was, “well, looks like I got another job, see you soon dear,” said Tumbleweed while exiting the house. Windy sighed and walked to the egg.

Chapter 1

Darkness. The only thing in sight was darkness. Than cracking, the only sound was cracking. Suddenly there was light. After that there was a king red dragon. Kookaburra learned her name was Windy. She was also Kookabaurra’s mother. “Oh hello there little dragonet,” said Windy. “Tumbleweed, come over here, our egg hatched!” yelled Windy, Who is Tum..tumleweed? Thought the newly hatched dragonet. “MY SON!” said Tumbleweed while picking up Kookaburra. Apparently this dragon was his father.
This si a story I am working on, and here is a sneak peek.
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