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Facebook has been junk for almost ten years. I left ages ago when they changed from groups to pages. Their limit of 5000 friends was always under a pretense of not allowing "trolling" and then in the end, the site itself was the biggest troll of them all. 

I stayed on Twitter for a very short time. I believed when it started that it would replace the celebrity platform that MySpace was, but instead everyone started tweeting boring shit about their own lives as if they were celebrities and this drowned out the voices of more unique personalities living interesting lives. 

Both those platforms then got hijacked by SJWs for force-feeding us their political ideology. Advertising took over and started to insidiously appear in feeds as if it were content users had requested. 

I started to miss MySpace... admittedly it had become a zoo near the end but it was a great platform at the height of its popularity.

Well, VERO is an app which does a lot of what Facebook and Instagram do but so far it isn't flooded with hackneyed memes or political statements. 

It is fostering the kind of subcultures that had once proliferated MySpace... especially cosplayers. 

I hope to see more artists using it. 

The truth is that Instagram is stale and the newsfeed gets clogged up not only with uninteresting content (based on users manipulating hashtags or sponsored advertising) but also the flow of data encourages users to waste hours of their lives. 

Back in the day, I loved talking on the phone or watching TV, but it occupied an hour or two of each day... and even video games was like that. Social media wastes so much of our lives by pretending that our interfaces are social. They barely are with respect to minutes invested. 

So, please consider joining VERO. Obviously, SHILLS were in full force from FB, IG, Twitter, etc. to stop people from joining over the last month. They exploited the fact that Vero wasn't prepared to grow from 50k users to 3 million overnight. The app had never been properly tested for volume, but I have faith that they will work out the bugs. In the meantime the app is very usable.

I have started an account that right now is focused on showcasing art that I personally love. Some of the artists are those I have commissioned in the past. I give the artist credit always and basically never post watermarked works. Soon, I will upload my own commissions. 

Promoting the art of others is two-pronged... I won't lie about that. I want people to become aware of great art and artists, but I also want to attract followers to later convert into fans of my own work. Unfortunately, the reality is that we live in both an age of piracy and neoliberal economics... that means there is no longer proper scouting in entertainment and a few companies control the flow of media. Individual creators have to work hard as shameless self-promoters to get any recognition at all. 

So, please accept my apologies if you find what I am doing offensive or exploitative, but understand that there are always good intentions, that I have spent over 5000 of my hard-earned dollars on commissioning artists, and that I believe my artistic creations deserve a proper audience. I am not just promoting the art of others, but I am also letting the community know my taste. My taste is a marketable commodity and taste can instill trust for others. In many ways, I consider myself a legitimate curator of art archives and a critical reviewer of the art world. 

So come check me out on VERO. The name is Lobotomous. 

Also, :iconartgerm::icontoddnauck::iconj-scott-campbell::iconsquirrelshaver: and many other of the world's greatest artists have accounts at VERO, but they need to be nudged into regular updates through getting lots of followers. #vero #facebook #socialmedia
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