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uchronic world war 1

By loboto
my last pic ...uchronia style...
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Have you considered doing artwork for board games? I'm designing a game now (no where near done) that this style would be perfect for. You have some real talent!
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And that is how we won the war, 
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LOL! It's awesome!
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C'est franchement sympa.
On voit bien que tu es français, un artiste américain aurait mis des brittaniques ou des américains.
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Pffft hahahhahaha as if the French would ever win against the Germans :'D
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Well guess what ? They won WW1 ! (dumbass...)
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Hahaha you wish. The British and American won it for them. France alone was at the verge of being overpowered.
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NO ! WE won this war with Britain ! It was OUR towns, our cities that were destroyed and our civilians who died. We fought to defend OUR homeland ! You just came here with some sammies and said you won the war for us.

Did you forgot what happened when USA fought a war all alone ? Then go check in Vietnam !
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1st off Vietnam and WW1 Western Front are not the least comparable lad. 2nd off hostilities Between Germany (Prussia) and France came forth from the Great Revolution in which the uneducated sought to overpower the monarchy, hoping for peace which than got betrayed by Robespierre and Napoleon who brought them terror and war. The latter of which sparked the ancient rivalry between Germany and France seeking vengence for one war or another to each other.
Only that the French could have avoided WW2 if they weren't so butthurt over WW1 to declare the Dictate of Versailles. Period.
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Replying to a two month old comment, but whatevs.

I get it's super easy to make fun of the French (and even easier to set them off as noted above with the other guy :P), but it's kind of poor history if you actually assume that France didn't "win" World War I. The French suffered by far the most casualties with the exception of the Russians, and they---and they alone---fought pivotal battles, notably the Battle of Verdun (called the "Stalingrad of WWI"), which they so happened to win.

Saying that "well it doesn't count because trench warfare" is kind of silly because it takes balls of fucking steel to actually participate in a situation  like that, where life expectancy was pretty awful. You don't have the balls and I sure as hell don't either.

Saying the French could have avoided WWII by not having the Treaty of Versailles happen is equally silly and "butthurt" is a massive oversimplification of what the feelings were on that time, and not just the French but the British and to a lesser extent, the Americans as well.

WWII is a whole other beast entirely, but chalking it up to French cowardice is kinda missing the point too. But hey, if that's what people want to think then by all means, I sure as shit aren't gonna stop them.
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That still doesn't excuse Germany for attacking us and USA for calling us cowards ! When we won WW1 our land was destroyed !
Germany HAD to pay for the war THEY started !
On my opinion, they still have to pay today for all the pain and suffering they brought upon Europe.

By the way i don't remember Woodrow Wilson for protesting angainst the Dictate of Versailles. If you're taking it that way, then USA has some responsability in WW2 just like France and UK.
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lol, I go for the Germans. 
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But our wine is better !
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See Battle of Valmey, Battle of Lutzen, Battle of Vauchamps, Battle of the Marne...

or are you being sarcastic?
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The last time the french won was during the Napoleonic War, after that the Germans kicked their asses. And WW1 doesn't really count to me because it was a trench-line war with no gain on both sides (taking only the germans vs french/british).
The time of the french conquerring anything ended with Napoleons 2nd Exile.
The First Battle of the Marne was not trench warfare. In fact the opening few battles didnt see the stereotypical trenches that is usually shown in pictures of WW1. You do a great disservice to history when you say that the French did not fight heroically in WW1. If it wasnt for French soldiers heroically holding the line at places like the Marne and especially Verdun (the longest battle in history and probably one of the most gruesome), the Germans probably would have won WW1. 
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And they where able to hold the line after Winter '15 because of what? British reinforcements and supplies. And even the British couldn't change the tide, but only pin down the Germans. It needed the USA and their vast military machinery to break the German front.
Though I give a great deal of the Allied Victory not to military success but simply to the embargo of German trading routes.
There were no 'heroic' acts in that war. Just advance and hold. It was a pyrrhic lose and gain game for both sides.
Yes, if the British and the French did not have each other then they surely would have lost, that is well known. 

WW1 was a terrible and useless war that only begot even more war. 
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Love the extra touch of the bearded French trooper.
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