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Noah's Ark

By loboto
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my cgsociety challenge: a steampunk version of Noah's Ark myth
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Wow very awesome!
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..actually the reality of noahs ark...- i think enough time has gone by to..... dispel the myths so to speakl... it is the Bosporous.... the river betwixt the Aegean and the Black Sea... in the eighties or nineties a paior of american know it alls from the theological society there ran into an russian scientific t4rawler and they convinced each other to jum,p in on their fun... so tey ran some tests upon these clams which were approx 1 km or so under the water, they were fresh water clams.... yet the Black sea is salt water... it was dted to approx 8000 B.C where the salt water started intot heregion and many of the former life forms died... including our friendly clams.... .... anyways.... it appears some form of inundation of a ........ biblical proportions....... swept through the area and that is scientifically essentially what occurred there..... i am sure there could be other sociological things other than biblical references that happened there - but who knows.... having said i think you are right the steampnuk tech may have died out after Caligula..... ahah,.. 
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Steampunk technology was lost in the Deluge.
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Wow, very impressive!
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AzraelIsMyNameHobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely feeling some Rodney Matthews in this.  Awesome picture. 
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This is a masterpiece. I'm so in love with it. I really love all of your work. Mad props!
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Heh like it, Noah's Ark MYTH
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Hope they don't forget the steam unicorn.

Looks great.
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lunar-steel91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, THIS ark will definately survive 40 days and nights of rain and flood. Totally kick-ass! :iconawesomenessplz:
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Awesome-IncarnateHobbyist General Artist
Most excellent!
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Dude, nice, looks way better then that crusty 3000 year old story ever described it!
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digikijoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
featured this pic in my journal as an example for Steampunk.
thanks for the great work :thumbsup:
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One of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I love how you gave it those huge locomotive wheels on the side.
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CALLit-ringoProfessional Digital Artist
now im a fan of your work!!
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Burnz08Professional Digital Artist
cool nice detail in it.
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DSilStudent General Artist
Whew! Simply spectacular. I love the concept, and the level of detail and rendering precision knocks me off my feet. It really conveys a sense of immense scale. What a scene!
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psion005Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of the most incredible & original pieces i have had the pleasure of seeing here @ :devart: :peace:

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Really cool stuff, I love the alternative reality theme. :)
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tip: don't put up such a hi-res image

i like the attention to details, tho some smoke brushes could be more interesting and same applies to the lightening.
feels/looks quite heavy, but i guess that was the goal.
u got crazy imagination ;)

i vote for giraffes!
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ViRPoHobbyist Digital Artist
How long does it take?
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mightyamoebaHobbyist General Artist
That is unbelievable gorgeous.
I love the decorations along the side.
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