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Autumn Moon - Socks Version



About her: Lewd, open and energetic, Autumn Moon was born in a kingdom far away from Equestria, in a small town sorrounded by trees and big waterfalls. She was raised by a misterious mare after a big catastrophe.

The mare rescued one more pegasus, her name was Moonlight. Autumn and Moonlight lived and experienced a lot of adventures, they ended up together in a relationship, they even got married!

They are not common pegasus, they're a weird specie of pegasus with bigger wings and stronger bones to fly at a higher speed and altitude than normal ponies or any other flying specie, they were named "Autumn Ponies". Their mission is fly all across the kingdom, spreading magical powder that makes the nature turn into Autumn. Some ponies claim to have seen two ponies flying at an incredible speed, leaving a beautiful bright powder trail... 

They say that the two ponies live in a big house in the hills, with a beautiful view of a town named "Leaf Town".

Oh, and she loves socks, lingerie, maple syrup, gummies and more sexy stuff! :D
She loves spending time with Moonlight, cuddling her as they look at the stars in the middle of the night~ ♥

This is a SHORT description of the big story of Autumn Moon and Moonlight, the Autumn Ponies.


Finally! I added socks to this image x3 I had some problems with the quality but i guess it's fine.
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