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Going Postal

By LoafNinja
new mail icon...512px....just the bag not the stamp thats in the background

just to clear up some speculation, i did use a reference but its completely redrawn and i chose to make it look like a different material....some people were thinking that i just touched up this photo but thats not what i did here.

reference image:
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amazing icon) 7 years on my desktop)
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Awesome. Glad to hear it. I need to get back into icon creation.
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lovely--thank you!
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featured here [link] - thanks for sharing them with us - really good job
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Thanks, I like your desktop.
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fantastic detail
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Wow, the icon is brilliant. Awesome work! :)
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You welcome, your icons are amazing!
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ahh your icons rock
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Hey! It didn't seem to work, still same problem. I figured that the icons that works are the format PICT (Adobe Photoshop PICT resource file) - Is there any way I can change your icns file to this PICT format?
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Open the icon you want in Preview then save as pict.
I love the icon and downloaded, but when I try to put the app.icns into the place where its supposed to be in the Get Into box of a map (Just a new empty map i created) then the icon just changes to an ICNS file picture. (The cool bag doesn't show up, but an ugly white file with the letters ICNS does insted)

I'm using a MacBook Pro with Snow leopard installed. Can anyone help? I'm getting desperate.
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try this

In the Applications folder, find the icon of the, for example, Address Book. Click Get Info. In the Permissions section at the bottom of the Get Info tab, change Everyone to Read and Write. By the way, click the lock at the bottom of the pane if it is locked, and open it first, otherwise you wont be able to change anything. Now you can close this pane and change icons to your hearts content.
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I haven't upgraded to snow yet but from what I hear, swapping icons isn't as easy as it used to be? Correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't looked in to it.
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Thanks for this very cool icon!
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
i just stumbled upon this on the macthemes forum (regular lurker) and i wanted to say hi and thanks for the great icon.

in addition i'd like to ask if you would also care to release it among the stamp, because i thought the stamp was giving additonal brilliance to it.

choice is a great thing.

thanks again!
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Thanks for the interest. I don't mind releasing a version with the stamp but it might be a while due to my busy school schedule. I haven't worked on any icons in almost two months but when i do get some free time ill definitely hook you up.
great work...
how do i use this on my leopard OS?
i cant figure out how to use .icn and .png files to replace icons in macs...
some work and some don't... this one isnt working :(
any help is appreciated!
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