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Ink Splatter 04

I did some ink backgrounds for my upcoming artworks, and I thought I'd share the textures with the rest of the world.

Free for non-commercial/commercial use. Feel free to post on your blogs etc.

Crediting is not required, but would be nice. ^^

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© 2009 - 2022 Loadus
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thank you for such a wonderful arts, I do please allow to use for some design background in a t shirt design. thank you before.

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stopping by to see the infamous image
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Have a gander and grab it so you can be infamous too!
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as exciting as that would be, i will just enjoy the historical monument that is this picture :) thanks for the offer tho!
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Ah yes, the now infamous ink splotch that resulted in 2600 being involved in a brief legal battle. All because a company that didn't own this image tried claiming ownership of your image. 

Congratulations. That must have been a headache for you
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It was ... interesting.
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I am going to possibly use these in my artwork for a game I am designing! I will let you know if I do, and thank you sooo much! <3
I used it here. Thanks ! :)
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Wonderful! I will most likely be using this as a brush to paint my planets with, for a massive project i am working on, it will be in my gallery eventually. hope you dont mind = )
Can you give it a Creative Commons licence? 
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The licence is PUBLIC DOMAIN so CC does not apply.
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Always interesting to read copyright claims, gives such a warm feeling in my belly. If they continue to harass, I can always wave the original paper version on their face. Copyright peepl are funny.
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I used this today!  Thanks much.
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I used this here; Thank you for sharing!
46san's avatar… um i have used it here, thank you for posting this^^
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I have used here, have a look.


Ressourceful stock you made here !!!!!
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Very very nice. ^.^
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Thank you so much for this texture!! Used it here - [link]
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No probs. ^.^
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