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Welcome to the Farm! {CLOSED Peeper Flatsale}


Peepers are a closed species and a part of the Arandiban ARPG! Please consider joining the group and signing up for the site!

All Arandiban Rules and terms apply. Arandiban - Rules / Arandiban - Terms of Service

Payment must be sent within 24hrs or the design will be put back up for sale

Chargebacks will result in being blacklisted and the design being put back for sale.

If for any reason you must retract your offer, PLEASE do not delete your comment. Edit it to state you are retracting the offer.

{ 🍓 Strawberry Moolk 🍓 }
Price: $100
Arandiban - Character :: Peeper-118

{ 🐣 Breggfast + Chives 🐣 }
Price: $50
Arandiban - Character :: Peeper-117
(The chick on their head is not mandatory to be drawn and is a separate pet. It will not net any extra rewards if drawn for prompt art.
You are free to choose the character's eye color, or leave them closed!)

Upon purchase, this peeper will be registered to your Arandiban Account OR your DA username. It is highly recommended you sign up on the site if you don’t already have an account, as all ownership transfers and masterlist management is conducted there!

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Reply here to claim Breggfast + Chives

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HI i am here to claim egg

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cries on u

you got them...would you prefer disc or here for dms?

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yee haw, eats them

disc pls!

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Damn I would buy that cutie but its put of my price range 🙈

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The profits from these kids are actually going to help a friend who really needs the money right now :,). I appreciate the sentiment but please don't comment this kind of stuff under claims

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Reply here to claim Strawberry Moolk

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Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] You got them! I'll dm you (do you prefer disc or notes?)

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disc is easiest hehe

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