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Deerly Hallowed - (Open Adopts)


Wanted to draw some ponies...ended up...not necessarily being ponies.
They are both auction style adopts! Payment will be taken through Deviantart's Commissions system, which allows you to pay with either points or paypal!
All Trick No Treat
A curious creature...Between the bat like ears and scruffy mane, it's hard to tell what this creature truly is. Tales tell of its presence near the homes of those who draw no visitors on All Hallow's Eve, prepared to strike them down for failing to carry the holiday's spirit fully.

An Antler For The Fireplace
An elegant spirit, wandering a land of frost slowly melting away. In the destruction of their home they were captured by a hunter, their arm and horn lost to his selfish desires. From their grief the land sprung up to help them, twisting the last remainder of its frost to reinforce their remaining horn, and build them a new arm. These changes left the creature determined to help save their land, and stop the hatred man brings its way. 
SB: 30 USD / 2,400 Points
MI: 5 USD / 400 Points
AB: 80 USD / 6,400 Points
Auctions will end 24 hours after the SB

Once adopted you may:
- Use these designs however you see fit, so long as I am credited as the designer.
- Redesign them, create alternate forms of them (including closed species forms IF the species allows and I am given partial design credit)
- Resell them for however much you've spent on them (including commissioned art) / Trade them

You may not:
- Claim the art or design as yours
- Resell for more than you've spent on them
- Make a species out of the design

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Bid for All Trick No Treat Here!

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Tysm for the bid, you've won this kid! Once paid ill shoot over an unobstructed/single ver of their full image!

(If you're interested in paying through an invoice, there's something up im interested in that's only half the cost of the sb! If not no worries and i'll set up a commission slot for payment!)

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I’d like to pay through an invoice

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Alrighty! ^^ It will be paid to Orvaentadopts so they'll shoot a ping with a way to pay in a bit!

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Will it ping here? Sorry this is my first time doing this

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yep! You should get a ping in your notifications about it!

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I haven’t received anything, if it doesn’t work what is the other method

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Bid for An Antler For The Fireplace Here!

I apologize for not having PayPal or knowing what points are,, I love this child but as I just said I don't know what points are and I don't have PayPal maybe I could offer characters and maybe a custom or 2?,,

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