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who even uses this site anymore
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yea bitch literally got caked clown makeup on and everything B)
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you tell em
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jeff could NEVER COMPARE
sometimes i just listen to my music and then remember all the shit people told me when they were exposed to my shit music taste. "wtf are you gonna kill someone????" "god what is this how the hell do you like this its literally hurting my ears"
: )
do u ever just fandom hop and then u think youre gonna stay in a fandom for longer than like a few weeks but then u jump onto another fandom and then that one blog u made for that fandom u jumped from before jumping to the current one ur in right now SUDDENLY HAS A LOT OF FOLLOWERS ON IT AND THEN U FEEL BAD BC NOW YOURE ACTUALLY GONNA STAY IN THIS ONE FANDOM NOW AND U FELT LIKE YOU SHOULDVE STAYED IN THE OTHER ONE LONGER BUT FSGDHFJG I CANT HELP IT i JUST CAME BACK TO CREEPYPASTA FUCK