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.Pixel - Kotone.

By lNeko-Hime
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aSDFghJKlKjhgfdfGH My Pokemon waifu! <33333 Luv her so much * 7 *
I know there are lots of Kotone haters, so.. rude comments about her will be ignore ^^;

:star: :star:

Kotone/Lyra (c) Pokemon
Art and Animation by :iconlneko-hime:
Done on Sai and animated on Photoshop CS5

Hope you like it! :iconyuiheavenplz:
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© 2012 - 2021 lNeko-Hime
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aSDFghJKlKjhgfdfGH My Pokemon waifu! <33333 Luv her so much

I see you're a man of culture
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adorable she's soo cute~!
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I loooooooooooooooove Lyra/Kotone too! It's a shame that so many people hate her. And I don't get why she's so hated, I mean, she's an ultra-awesome character!
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Forget the haters! Kotone rocks!:iconluvluvplz:
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Yess!!! <33 Kotone is my fav trainer :love:
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Soulsilver was my first pokemon game <3 and Chikorita first pokemon! Kotone is so nostalgic for me!
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that's nice to hear! I had a Chikorita in Soulsillver too :D
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YAY! Chikorita buds!
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I love her... but I have to say I like Silver a bit more. >///<
Really cute work btw.
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Thank you very much! :love:
hehe I like Silver too ;u;
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Oh wow I love her! And she's my favvie too! When I had the SoulSilver game I played as her and I had a cute!! :)
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Thank youu! <33
hehe she's adorable ^^ I played as her and had a Chikorita at first! :la:
Then I played it again and had a Cyndaquil.
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It's very cute! But I will say, that she looks too chubby.
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ohh ok, i get it now... :D
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SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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uhhmm wait...she's crystal right??, i mean in the manga of pokemon adventures...
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In the manga, yes
In the games, no
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Nope, Crystal/ Kris is a different character.

Anyway, very beautiful pixel art as always. *///*
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Oh my jdifjewijfew. It's so cute I just ;u;

I don't understand the hate for her. I love this girl :I
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Thank you! :D
Some people hate her because she replaced Kris in Heart Gold/Soul Silver...
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You're welcome :3
That is the stupidest reason ever
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