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Military transport drone

"future war is coming"
have a fun afternough photobash to paint  ;) made 2/3 different and clean this one, there were a long time i didn't do this so here it is!
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The VTOL is so close to the terrain it ought to have landed. The soldiers would have disembarked quicker.

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With the engines pitched in this way wouldn't there be forward motion?
I would have thought that the front engines would have been pitched in the opposite direction to maintain equilibrium plus have the added bonus of not burning your descending troopers into dust assuming that it is hot gasses coming out of there :) other than that nice work.
Very nice. Looks a lot like a Blackhawk helicopter with VTOL jet engines added. This design looks practical to me, like something that would actually work and be efficient. Not sure why it would be a "drone" -- not sure the soldiers would put their faith in a pilot who isn't actually going along on the mission -- but it could certainly work that way
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very good works . i pleasure to see your works . please check my works and say your idea about my works
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I love the helicopter-thing's design.
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Stunning.  I absolutely love it.
Looks like something out of G-Police. Congrats, loving it.
You are very talented, and you have definitely nailed this one!
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This design is flawless!
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you need to be senior Bungee employee, right away.
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Another well-depicted craft, ina well-illustrated scene.
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gawd, if DICE ever work on the sequel to Battlefield:2142 they've got to hire you as a concept artist for their vehicles :XD:
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hoo god it will be an honor :D
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Excellent!! I really like this!!!
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Great scene, LMorse! ^^
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Amazing work! The environment reminds me of Elysium and the troopers remind me of Star Wars, great stuff! :)
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Love the fast roping of the troops, nicely put together and framed.
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Yeah but the forward engines are directly blasting the drop troops....:P
that reminded me of Elisium movie. Great job!
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