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Egypt 12 000 Years BC

saw some youtube doc based on a therory than the great pyramid was made before the egyptians, 12000years ago, when there was jungle and no desert, and the pyramids have some energy power or frequency coming from inside. So have fun and paint this! (some phototexture etc..)
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this is very creative.
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This is really great!  Saw it today for the first time.  Wonderful!
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If the Illuminati/Reptilian/Atlantian/ (and any other Ancient Alien group) see this pic', you're a goner!

Back then, the Sahara was green!
And, who knows, when the 'mids were actually built?

Paint 'til you faint!
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Nice work! I gotta ask you somethin' though. Was there anybody featured in the documentary that had weird hair that talked about "aliens"?
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hahaha yeah i think i saw some of theses video too :)
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Yet another reason why I can't take the History channel, or cable tv as a whole, seriously.
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Creative and very beautiful ! :clap:
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Nice work! This probably wasn't related to the documentary you watched but if I recall, there's many anomalies as to how the pyramids have been made.  The slabs for each step were cut so fine against each other that when they were put on top of another, not even a sheet of paper could be slipped between the cracks.  Additionally, the pyramids also seem to have been placed geographically in such a  way that they were measurably similar to Orion's Belt, almost aligned if an aerial picture of them was superimposed over the belt.  All I can say is based on what I've seen and heard is that the Egyptians or whoever made the pyramids were far far smarter than any of us today lol
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hahaha yeah i saw this one too, nice documentary put the mind far away!
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Great looking scene. ^^
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Thanks everyone !! i like to see people thinking about all of that, really interresting, this is something who push a lot the imagination, i'm not an archeolog or egyptolog just an artist who as been influenced by some documentary!! i won't enter in a debat just having fun with that!
However i'm agree with all the different comment especially for the capstone that i'' ve completely forget to made but yeah it's surely a different material!
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I'm familiar with the theory. Some accounts state that the pyramids were covered in brilliant white stone slabs and the capstones were coated in gold or bronze.

Beautiful work, but I'd love to see another version as I suggested.
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Awesome piece and runs great with the Pyramid Energy theory. Yes, it runs concurrent along the lines of the Ancient Alien theory but is an interesting one none the less. I think I more plausible than any other theories out there.
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Awesome work, great scene! :clap:
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hey, where I find this doc? quoted in your description, I'd love to watch! :D
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hey!! for the doc, in fact there are a lot i watched or listened on radio emission when im working and in generally it's in french.. :) but i'm sure you can find a lot on youtube, something with great pyramid theory or revelation tag
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I will not address the more fantastic implications of this picture. However, 12,000 years ago the valley of the Nile was a well-watered plane with a typical African savannah and mixed woodland habitat. One would have to go back over ten MILLION years to find a true jungle in North Africa. In fact the Fayum deposits of Egypt record jungle conditions over 30 million years ago.
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