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Levi the Magician

By LMJWorks
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I just like the way the colors go together, and the glowing butterflies, and everything else.
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did i already comment this? This is quite amazing ;D
alicespectrum's avatar are so my favourite artist now...
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oh really cool. i love the draping of the magicians robes. nice colors. bravo
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butterflyes are so beautifull :)
Great shading..
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Beaaaautiful colors *___*
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i just love the way his robes drapes on the magician...dunno why
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wow really nice coloring style!!
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The lighting is really warm and beautiful. Well done!
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Great composition, great pallate(did I spell that right? :S)
Lovely shit, butterfly seems kind of random though lol.
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Levi, the Jewish magician.

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Fantastic brush work and shading. Love the colour choices too.
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I really like the feeling of this. I'm not sure if it's the colors or the textures or what, but there's something really pleasing about this picture. Lovely.
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do the butterflies toast his bread?
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wow o.o thats good toast
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Wow. I keep coming back and staring at this, so I have to give in and favorite it. I have no idea if it's supposed to be a specific person (whever 'Levi' is), or whether it's 'from' something, but the painting job is just so freakin' gorgeous I can't help myself.
Drapery like that is hard to do (says the voice of experience), and you've handled the whites absolutely superbly, using just the right colors in just the right amounts to make it look *white*. Beautiful.
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very bold, both simple yet advanced all at once, like :sushi:
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looks real smooth and clean
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