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Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
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Published: December 22, 2006
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...Poor kid. He has stupid tights and a brother with stupid hair :(.
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lol! Agree !

But nicely done with Larsa :) He's so adorable
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And a cute face and a cute accent and tragic life. The poor kid is pedo-bait. But we love him anyway. :heart:
You've done a good job with his face and clothing, but I have to agree with PrinceLarsy, he's too chubby.
(Vayne was awesome, hair and all)
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PrinceLarsy's avatar
...Why you made Larsa chubby, I'll never understand. =_=
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i love the shading.
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MilesTailsPrower-007|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Vayne's hair -is- stupid. D:

Nice drawing of him! I commend you for actually making him look kind of manly. I've seen so many fanarts where he totally looks like a girl.

I love how you handled his clothes. C:
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I love the costume!
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Puchiko-Chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I second that.
I like this drawing, because he looks girly yet boyish. XD
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He actually looks a little girly in this picture but it captures in boyness, since he is still young and all. Very nicely done!
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Silveraxe|Professional Digital Artist
really nice drawing and i love your coloring style here!
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Creampuff-of-DOOM|Student Traditional Artist
Tch, you made him look too good :P
At least you didn't really have to draw the tights XD
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MiikoAshida's avatar
I like his tights. D:
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ohmygodmuffin's avatar
Larsaaaa...so much love. :}
This is a pretty fantastic picture.
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Venus91187's avatar
I love all of your work and have been viewing your art at your website for quite some time. Are you going to do any other characters from FFXII?
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LMJWorks|Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Glad you like the art :)

Yes, I do plan on doing more FFXII characters; right now, I'm not real comfortable with the costumes enough to post anymore public yet ^^; But other than that, I loved Vagrant Story enough to do a ton a fanart back in the day, and I love FFXII! So, expect something soon~ Probably Balthier and/or Basch :)
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AlkseeyaKC|Professional Digital Artist
This is a good picture of him! X3
I agree about his brother's hair. >=
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>__> When I first saw this kid when i played, I thought he was a girl. His voice reminds me of a girl too.
Maaan, the tension in the air when the group met. Especially the Basch and Balthier, ahh, some loving. Thought some romance would spark. xDDDD

Anyway, lovely coloring and drawing~
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Chenria|Hobbyist General Artist
This looks really cool. I like his clothes :aww: and the colors are great :3
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I think everyone in that game is a fashion victim in one way or another. But Larsa's just too adorable to let that stop him. :D Awesome fanart.
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Yay for one of my favorite characters? I love Larsa. But... but not Lucy. Ooh, sudden idea. Yeah, Vayne needs to tone down on the Herbal Essences a bit. One wonders why his hair is wavy and Larsa's is not. Perhaps he braids it everynight before he goes to bed. Or maybe he gets Ghis to do it for him. If anyone knows how to do hair, it's Ghis.
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TwentyYearsAgoToday's avatar
Everytime I see Vayne, not only do I mentally sing 'ur so vain', but I have the strong urge to take out my straightening iron and attack him with it! XD.

I <3 Larsa and I love how you drew heem!!
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Sakuya-chan's avatar
:( I love this...
But I love Vayne's hair. sadness.
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he's a Final Fantasy 12 character, isn't he ? i don't remember. the game is not arrived yet ( sorry for my english and grammar mistakes T_T ) and I prefer to keep suspens, so i don't know a lot about FF12.
Anyway, your work rox !! great job and keep it up !
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Ms-lovis's avatar
As Always, I'm in love of your way to painting.
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Xemoki| Digital Artist
That is an awesome looking picture of Larsa. He is actually quite cool in the game.
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