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Hey everyone! As usual, here's a long overdue update! This time I've got a good excuse for my absence though =P

I've been working with Arthur Petersen, son of legendary Sandy Petersen (designer of games like Call of Cthulhu, Doom, Age of Empires, etc.) in project to bring the Cthulhu (and other Lovecraftian) mythos to kids of all ages. The project is called Rock-a-Bye Cthulhu, and it's basically a rhyme and song book illustrated by me. It's running on Kickstarter right now and it needs your help! 

So please check it out (even if you can't afford to buy it) and let your friends know about it! I'll post some of the images from the book here so you can get a feel for it. 

Now, I love some community work, and I love giving back. So I want to do a little giveaway. Here's what we'll do. If you share the project's Kickstarter via any social media page please come back and reply to this post with a screen capture of your share (can be Facebook, Twitter, BoardGameGeek, Instagram,Tumblr, DA, etc.). I'll collect every share and choose a random winner for a free sketch! I'll do this for as many times as I possibly can, so there's bound to be more than one lucky guy/gal. 

Check out the project here!:…
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