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Cover Art Rock a Bye Cthulhu


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Cover Art Rock a Bye Cthulhu


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Cover Art Rock a Bye Cthulhu

Cthulhu Mythos

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DQ: Graveyard Bramble

Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath

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Pokedex Project: Golbat

Pokedex Project II

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Tears of a Mandrake

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Room of Angel

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Velociraptor Hunting

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Hospital Sketches - Dream Crawler

Hospital Sketches

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Pokedex Project: Nidoqueen

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Clay Man


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In Nomine Demencia

Journey through the sanity of madness Look deep into my eyes. What do you see? Do you see life? Or pain? Do you see sorrow? Sadness? Do you see me inside my own eyes? Or do you see blank, sterile, lifeless plains? As I look into my eyes I see nothing but angst and pain. In despair, I feel like I’m watching into the eye of a cataclysm. The borders of the chasm grow broader and wider. The shores around the pit grow thinner as the world in whole collapses deep into the profundity of miasma. Inside the abyss, inside the whirling pool of chaos I see not the present but the past. As I venture deeper, I recognize scenes long forgotten, or may


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