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Pokedex Project: Beedrill

Once it reaches maturity, the fearsome Beedrill will begin its search for mates and find a spot where to nest. Feared by most predators, this insect-type pokémon will defend itself using its deadly poison stinger as well as fury attacks with its razor sharp  chitin blades
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Maaaan... Would one of this things chasing me... I'm think i would die OoO
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Haha, well I guess that's why Beedrills are feared right?
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There's this other Beedrill I saw that wasn't as horrifying as this guy is... you, my friend, are a master.

Yours is way freakier.
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Thanks for the compliment haha. I actually saw that one a while back, and I really liked it but something about the blades seems wrong. Thanks again for your comment ;) made me blush haha