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Elder Sign: Shoggoth

Nothing speaks primordial like the very seed of life. Shoggoths are protoplasmic creatures capable of controlled evolution, generating organs at will, which sprout from their semiliquid protoplasmic bodies. Created by Elder Things upon their arrival on Earth, Shoggoths eventually rise up to their masters.

The Elder Sign project is my quest to conceptualize all Lovecraft's signature monsters and great old ones as I imagined them from his descriptions. Look out for the investigator (or a part of him) for scale.
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First I will say, that I like the way you write a g. Second, I will say that the man you have used for scale has a nice posture and a fun but suiting attitude. Third, I think the Shoggoth looks really strange, meaning you did well on drawing it C= 
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Thanks! I enjoy writing for my artwork haha, glad you like it. I'm glad you like the concept. Yeah, it is strange-looking, but all concept art I've seen of Shoggoths is merely a protoplasmic mass with eyes (which is how it appeared in At the Mountains of Madness, I know that) but in its very concept, the shoggoth is a mass of bio engineering that can virtualy choose its own evolution, so why not add specialized organs as well? Anyway, thanks again! 
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You're very welcome ^^ A bit of reading combined with a visual expression is a great way to get one's thoughts across ^^ 

And sheesh, "protoplasmic mass with eyes" makes it sound even stranger xD Again, I must say how astonishing your attention to detail is, as well as the way you work in an organised, but wondering way ^^ 
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These are from Cthulhu mythos arent they?
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Yeah, these are all from Cthulhu Mythos, but only from the core Lovecraft stories. Other authors helped create the mythos along with HPL but they are not included here (Clark Ashton Smith for instance) and others expanded it further after HPL died (Darleth, Carter, etc.). 
Shoggoths are a particulary recurrent species in the stories I've read. Most investigators breathe an air of fear and unbeleif when talking about them
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